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  • Zeus
  • 15:16 02.09.2015
  • English
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Where can i find Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB (White) for less than 750$ AUD ?

I live in Melbourne Australia, The one that finds me the phone at the lowest possible price will get the reward. Thank you for looking.

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7 Answers

  • bakan
  • 15:48 02.09.2015

Hi go to this link


  • Zeus: Thanks. But i am looking for new not used. Furthermore the Aussie dollar is getting a hiding and doesn't worth much unfortunately..
  • bakan: Hi than you can buy this not used I first post used phones because you said need low price
  • TBZ1
  • 06:49 03.09.2015
  • Correct


  • Zeus: Hi 638 $ is the best one so far ;)
  • chanakya69
  • 21:03 04.09.2015

You can buy this on

- or -
- or -