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Find me a cheaper alternative to Yankee Candles

Can you find me a cheaper alternative to Yankee Candles in large size. I am looking for something at £10 or less.

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13 Answers

  • bentaylor
  • 02:42 18.11.2015

Busy bee candles are amazing


  • YoshiCoin
  • 08:23 18.11.2015

Soy Candles Are better in my opinion the smell is more robust try this

  • Christian Xavier Haas
  • 19:02 19.11.2015

A tart warmer would be a good option if you're going for the scent - they are $2 each tart and they last seemingly forever. They smell much stronger than candles do anyway.

  • nuevocrypto
  • 11:56 21.11.2015

Hi Phill,

Try out AJ's Country Candles. They come in 8oz Mason jars for around $9 US a piece and there are lots of scents to choose from.

Available on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/60079819/pumpkin-creme-brulee-soy-candle-highly?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_e-home_and_living-home_decor-candles_and_holders&utm_custom1=57db7efc-f5c8-4143-bf8d-6b27e0e1007e&gclid=CJ2Vw4ufockCFQkyaQod55kNaA

  • farji
  • 22:36 21.11.2015


  • William Rogers
  • 06:32 23.11.2015

This company is way cheaper than yankee candle and its less than 4 pounds a candle

  • theproducer
  • 14:20 26.11.2015

Hi Phil,

I bought a fair few from this company as presents for friends and family etc.... They're every bit as good as Yankee in my opinion.


  • [email protected]
  • 19:11 27.11.2015

awesome candles! wow! I want to get such kind of candle.

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