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  • Sihroco
  • 01:22 25.11.2016
  • English
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Category: Tech/Web

I need a cooper water valve like this.

Hey guys

I want to buy them in New York and I only have this image.

Thank you.

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40 Answers

  • Ryan Bruce
  • 05:28 25.11.2016

I came to the same result as krishnasen.

It looks like it's a custom valve made for this specific pedal so you probably won't find it locally.

  • kukuruyukpagi
  • 02:14 26.11.2016

try to find it on nearest hardware store, but if you want to buy online try to search on google with "cooper water valve" keyword

  • dcdcgt
  • 19:15 26.11.2016

You can find that kind of copper water valve in this link and it is also free shipping:

  • Saintanslem
  • 21:30 02.12.2016

You can get it for 250euros go to any nearest New York Pneumatic copper Valve Manufacturers.make more enquiries at

  • blakeanthem
  • 01:52 10.12.2016 you should try this....

  • Raihan Uddin
  • 01:05 11.12.2016,3_IL.4,17_IM615.htm

  • samisah
  • 08:46 24.12.2016

well this valve is available online at several stores. but the one i have is at amazon. here is the address

  • Lakoy Bhutia
  • 09:17 30.12.2016

  • ilving
  • 16:53 05.01.2017

t's a very old valve, you should go to the nearest hardware store, or else ask if they have a generic that suits yours

  • Vasim Sarwar
  • 21:14 26.01.2017

Dear this valve come with the product only if you want this valve then you have to purchase the product.
getting a costume made valve like this is much more expensive than the the original part.

  • Nicklas Bach Andreasen
  • 15:05 28.02.2017

You can get lots of them from amazon, why not try out this awesome collection?

  • saman
  • 17:46 28.05.2017

i saw 1 time in amazon or ebay or wallmart

  • Mayega
  • 02:46 21.06.2017

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