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Looking for a ZX Spectrum 48k computer

I am looking for one of these : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZX_Spectrum

Would be nice if I can pay with Bitcoin. Hope you can help with this one.

Please DO NOT repeat, what other people have posted. You will not get paid for that.

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56 Answers

  • 23:52 18.09.2018
  • Correct



  • Kakmakr: No shipping to my country & No Bitcoin option / Can only bid on item.
  • gericuz
  • 01:47 19.09.2018

The computer you are looking for has been invented since 36 years ago produced 1982 and was closed 1992. finding it is hard I checked some of online store I think EBAY could sell to you.


  • Kakmakr: Same link as for lucaferro2000 answer
  • dawsonb4
  • 05:39 19.09.2018

i think ebayis your best bet https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SINCLAIR-ZX-SPECTRUM-48K-Composite-out-/113251528061?oid=153176559528


  • Kakmakr: No shipping to my country & No Bitcoin option / Can only bid on item.
  • luis angel
  • 08:43 19.09.2018

i saw a computer like that in eBay, check the link https://www.ebay.com/itm/ZX-Spectrum-48K-Plus-Including-Box-and-PSU/223145767083?hash=item33f48630ab:g:VCYAAOSwMdZbnB6S


  • Kakmakr: No shipping to my country & No Bitcoin option / Can only bid on item.
  • norman
  • 18:17 22.09.2018

https://www.amazon.co.uk/ZX-Spectrum-Computer/dp/B00ABKL4RW check this one

  • Checalo
  • 15:29 24.09.2018

I have one friend who is selling the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum +128 computer with original charger.
For more information and photos just contact me in: [email protected]

  • dag621
  • 02:34 25.09.2018

Hello, I found the ZX Spectrum 48k computer, on the ebay

page, with
 Three different sellers and send to most countries in the

I do not know what country you are, but I send you the

links, they do not repeat with those that you have already

given previously.




  • karamalmaghout
  • 12:24 26.09.2018

I think your request is in this link


  • digger
  • 00:25 27.09.2018

hello Tsubame
I'm glad to answer your questions

Completely original and original

Suitable for repairers and researchers

The range is intact and not repaired

Almost healthy frame There is a very small crack under the frame

There are a number of buttons that are specified in the photo

I tested the device with a 9-volt dc adapter with an amplifier of 1.5 and the image has only the keys with no connection board which, if connected, probably works.

I declined it due to the failure of the keys

ICs and buttons and other components can be used for spare on other devices

Only the boot that includes the frame and motherboard and the keyboard is sold

For more information about the device, visit the following site


You have to pay : 0.0065296 BTC

  • dardekasti
  • 00:32 28.09.2018

the computer in link please looking:

  • alemed95
  • 00:51 03.10.2018


  • Masterflave
  • 02:29 04.10.2018

What country do you want it shipped to?

  • bkrisz
  • 21:28 05.10.2018

This one is from my country. Website is Hungarian but he has one you are looking for.

  • NobleJacobThomas
  • 18:11 06.10.2018

you can get it here

  • MembaCo
  • 14:05 12.10.2018

This is sending to your country but you can't buy with BTC


  • qarabag
  • 12:06 13.10.2018

good am

  • rohitmahi
  • 21:02 15.10.2018

Amazon or Flipkart

  • wbhelper
  • 22:22 21.10.2018

https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-other-computer-accessories/uitenhage/sinclair-zx-spectrum-48k/1003148526680911401419809 Can't pay in btc unfortunately. You can register with a service that can send btc to your bank account, such as https://uphold.com, and it can go to any bank in any country. Then you can transfer those funds to whatever you use to store money, maybe paypal.

  • Golax
  • 03:43 23.10.2018


  • azip
  • 19:54 24.10.2018

Spectrum NEXT, where you can buy ?

  • Answers
  • 20:39 24.10.2018

Some people I know sell those on discord. Just download it from discord.com

  • waheed
  • 19:36 27.10.2018

Spectrum Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K Sports Bag. Retro 80s Great Gift For Him

  • sancak
  • 20:00 28.10.2018

pls check hepsiburada.com

  • micevalenti
  • 07:08 29.10.2018

I saw one before on facebook. not sure if it’s still there

  • cooky
  • 20:03 09.11.2018

https://www.ebay.es/itm/Vintage-Sinclair-ZX-Spectrum-Plus-48k-Personal-Computer-Leads-/264016673619 mira este enlace puedes pagar por medio de paypal

  • cosmic710
  • 08:12 11.11.2018

LENINGRAD-1 soviet clone of zx spectrum-48 atari amstrad amiga msx computer

  • Ego
  • 11:13 11.11.2018


  • RodricoreST
  • 11:48 11.11.2018

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