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  • ruud8
  • 01:41 07.05.2016
  • English
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Category: Tech/Web

Want to get HD Screen Car Stereo DVD GPS Player Sat Nav RDS USB iPod For Audi A3 2003-2011 for less than 250 euros+shipping.

Hi all, found it for 274 euros here :

But i want to get it cheaper.

Thanks in advance

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41 Answers

  • Yannouz
  • 04:08 07.05.2016

the best price i could find was 274.80€ including shippind @

  • nhungocdaklak
  • 10:40 07.05.2016

it's nines , i think really difficult to find out cheaper.

  • Nasro Medd Meddakou
  • 14:03 07.05.2016

i think it is good

  • endi17
  • 16:53 07.05.2016
The cheapest


  • ruud8: i want red colour on buttons, no blue
  • n0isZZy
  • 17:20 08.05.2016

in my opinion its exellentbut maybe to expencive

  • sanjay47742
  • 20:15 08.05.2016

There are many cases that can warrant upgrading your car stereo's head unit. You may need to find a way of integrating Bluetooth calling and music streaming. Or you might want to be able to use Pandora or Spotify easily in your car to give you more control over your music. You might have just purchased a used car that doesn't offer any integration with your smartphone at all, and needs an updated unit. Or you might just not like the features and functions of your car stereo's current unit. In any case, upgrading your receiver can give you the latest technology and integrate with the most popular and user-friendly applications, improving your in-car experience. But just because you'd like upgrade your car's stereo with a new and improved receiver doesn't mean you can.
There are two types of head units on the market today: single-DIN and double-DIN. If your car's dash has a double-DIN opening, you can fit both a single-DIN and double-DIN. However, if it is a single-DIN you can only fit a single-DIN receiver. You'll need to find out which size your car can fit in order to choose the right one.
Also, for people who have cars that are newer than about 10 years, your car may have multiple screens in different places on your dash that are controlled by different systems (and not just your audio). This will complicate your installation and you might even lose functionality of the screens that are reliant on the head unit you're looking to replace. But for those who have cars that are older than about 10 years that don't have multiple screens with different systems powering them, your installation and upgrade is pretty straight forward.

  • rafialife
  • 02:07 10.05.2016

i like this

  • APCC
  • 10:57 10.05.2016

in my opinion its exellentbut maybe to expencive

  • Samuel Viez Ordoñez
  • 21:47 10.05.2016

the best price i could find was 274.80€ including shippind @

  • amz16
  • 08:58 11.05.2016

May be here


  • ruud8: i want red colour on buttons, no blue
  • Lukasko
  • 17:28 11.05.2016

why do u want to buy this one? ur old is broken? or

  • sina
  • 00:02 12.05.2016

no it's expensive

  • Dav
  • 04:05 15.05.2016

you can get it from

  • ross013
  • 08:49 15.05.2016


  • Gustavo Castro Silva
  • 06:53 17.05.2016

found this for $ 199


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  • chonge
  • 10:33 25.05.2016

You can get a cheaper option here. Variety, cheap and even fast delivery.

  • Abdur Rehman
  • 07:47 11.06.2016

  • MrSmith
  • 00:22 15.06.2016

Seems like your looking for an OEM style fit. These guys specialize in that, If you want a nice aftermarket radio, it will be a little more pricey. Look into buying used on ebay or a dedicated car audio forum for Audis.

  • mobile-dave
  • 00:46 22.08.2016

i would suggest having a look on ebay using their sister app "ebuyer" or another sister app is "ebay sniper"

  • Thebottomone2
  • 23:40 12.10.2016

Galexy 7 edge

  • torpedo
  • 19:45 03.03.2017

go to and search there

  • jianson
  • 21:31 03.03.2017


  • AlejandroGuzmn
  • 09:02 21.04.2017

It's an android DVD DobleDin

  • Shashank Shekhar
  • 20:01 07.05.2017

WOW Its Good.......

  • LucasFranco
  • 20:51 17.05.2017

XO vision decent unit around 100 USD

  • Ronald Gonzalez
  • 02:04 21.05.2017

250 euros

  • ManLopBlend
  • 17:57 25.05.2017

the best price i could find was 274.80€ including shippind @

  • fercholico
  • 03:36 21.07.2017

Creo que te gustará este artículo: 7'' HD Bluetooth Touch Screen LCD Monitor 2 Din Car Stereo Radio MP5 MP3 FM AUX USB SD Player Rear View Camera Remote Controller Power Cable. Agrégalo a tu lista de deseos

  • josanchezcruz
  • 03:25 20.09.2017

  • AlisonHernandez
  • 20:16 22.09.2017

I see it on Aliexpress

  • Macnificent
  • 18:06 15.01.2018
check this page out man Walmart has a bunch within your price range

  • Sandeezy
  • 22:23 11.02.2018

download the Geek app May have to wait a week or two for shipping but there are tons listed that fit all your specs and are substantially cheaper in cost. Most are drop shipped directly from manufacturer. Just make sure to read the reviews and look at purchase amounts. most have several hundreds to thousands sold, then you are good. if only a few, kinda sketchy. on Iphone its listed as geek - Smarter Shopping Browsing is always free . Hope this helps! Good Luck!!

  • masnsaq
  • 23:13 20.03.2018


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