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  • panagot
  • 17:50 25.05.2016
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Category: Instruction

What else you would like to see on bitfortip? 0.0125 Bitcoin reward.

Hi all,

Bitfortip has been live for a little over a year now and would like to hear from you guys what more extras you would like to see from the site.

As you can see, you now have the option to post an inquiry in 10 different languages. So there is a high chance that you will be able to post in your native language. :)

I am also planning to soon launch a mobile app version for IOS and Android and that will help on raising some more traffic and see an increase in inquiries.

Best ideas submitted that will help on the site's improvement and overall feedback within a few days will earn the reward.

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194 Answers

  • dandex200
  • 18:03 25.05.2016

New layout/design. This design feels a bit outdated and unorganized. Also ability to have polls in the questions.


  • panagot: Hi personally I think the design is just fine. It just needs a lot more inquiries. But anyway got any suggestion on a website's design example? Polls? Can you elaborate on that one?
  • Maerco
  • 18:34 25.05.2016

Will be great to integrate with stackoverflow, so that we should pay someone to solve issue posted there.


  • panagot: That would be interesting idea. Have to look at it further.
  • erikalui
  • 18:49 25.05.2016

My suggestions as follows:

1. Receive notifications when a reply is posted to our questions or answers.
2. Chat feature where users can post their question on chat and get fast replies/answers and be rewarded.
3. Suggestions when a user asks about a product (an option should be available which helps the user to select the name of the product automatically while typing it) and mention the price (options of different price options or a text box with options of different currencies. It can also display a list of sites which are selling the particular product which can help the user get his answer quickly and if not satisfied, he can wait for a bitfortip user's response.
4. Timeline/deadline for a response to be received when a question is posted.
5. The front page should have questions that are new and they should be sorted. Questions already answered/inactive questions that are atleast 1 week old shouldn't be displayed on the first page and should be archived.
6. When a question is posted, a user should be able to see list of similar questions asked.
7. There should be a format in which questions should be posted and also categories like Product prices, features, types and so on.
8. The website should show the list of users online.
9. Users should be able to vote for the best answer.
10. Users should be given ranks (eg: users who have answered maximum number of questions, have been registered for over a month, year and so on).

  • Illesac
  • 18:54 25.05.2016

Loved the original idea but I'd go with a rebrand when the App launches. Also to start generating content probably need to either lower the fee (not really possible with current tx fees) or start accepting other cryptos. Maybe instead of either of those ideas team up with shapeshift and pivot as the $1.00 or $0.05 question shop? What's even the business model you're shooting for long run? Honestly between for the old folks and badges for the young folks over at StackExchange I don't see a viable internet business. Before I finish rambling off the top of my head you could rebrand as a bounty board?


  • panagot: The fee to post an inquiry is the minimum. 0.0001 BTC currently $0.05.
  • tocanto
  • 19:53 25.05.2016

A mobile application as already mentioned, a chat, a bitcoins calculator, add the option to qualify with stars as well as in Unbabel, better rewards, add a faucet too


  • panagot: The reward is being determined by the inquirer.
  • tocanto: A referral system would give a nice touch to this page
  • spacepirate1969
  • 19:59 25.05.2016

1) Possibility to edit the answers
2) An affiliate rewards program would bee useful

  • huntercrew
  • 20:42 25.05.2016

New layout/design. This design feels a bit outdated and unorganized. Also ability to have polls in the questions.

  • ArpanKoirala
  • 20:48 25.05.2016

Ability to rate questions. Questions category and new layout.

  • TBZ1
  • 01:07 26.05.2016

1) Report bullshit answer button 2) user-selectable threshold for hiding/disabling notifications for questions with under what they want to be rewarded,

  • xalxa
  • 01:43 26.05.2016

I think the site would benefit from some additional features that could draw in traffic. A forum where people can discuss bitcoin-related topics would be nice. You might want to consider a faucet to draw in more people as well. Along with these changes, you should re-brand the site of course. As far as technical changes, I would allow the asker to choose a "best answer" so that people know when to stop answering. I would also suggest adding ranks for people based on experience (which comes from successfully answering questions and asking questions as well), and maybe give a small bitcoin reward at each tier as incentive to stay active.

  • Itzz Pato Sylva
  • 03:48 26.05.2016

new layout better web security and good graphics with regards to the app

  • claudios
  • 03:56 26.05.2016

I would recommend to make language selection into a single dropdown. Make the navigation easy to navigate. Provide highly and visible and specific errors. Provide user account dashboard. And also have a tabs that will group deals from Oldest to Newest. Thanks!

  • Megan Bullard
  • 08:18 26.05.2016

Suggestions on what to ask questions about and how much to write about and what other sites lets u receive bitcoins would help

  • pacus
  • 10:29 26.05.2016

I think is a good improvement if there is possible to check the deals directly on the email.

  • David Lumm
  • 12:44 26.05.2016

I generally agree with most of what other people have written here. The ability to rank answers would be useful, to help the best answers float to the top. Being able to reward the tip to the best answer but maybe a smaller amount other useful answer(s), like karma. Might only be fractions of a satoshi, but they add up eventually. Small reward for sharing questions on social media would be good, again small fractions every time someone clicks your generated link. It'll improve the pool of questions and answers if more people are here.
Like maybe allow people who aren't avid Bitcoin users come and join the fun, the more people there are here the better a community it will be, and it might be a good introduction to Bitcoin for some people.
Also like the idea of being able to post a bounty for other things and manage it through Bitfortip.

  • gruetzie
  • 15:31 26.05.2016

I think it would be much easier to find the right questions or answers if there are some categories which devide the questions by topics. This is the only really important thing I am missing on this site, keep going mate :)


  • panagot: Categories will be implemented this week [ Fashion, Tech/Web, Instruction ]
  • pizzatime
  • 20:25 26.05.2016

Include a live counter of the number of users answering a question, also a live number of users currently online.
Possibly a search function or category of questions based on skills required or the such to better find users with answers for difficult questions

  • veljko023
  • 19:28 27.05.2016

1. Ability to select multiple best answers and split the prize
2. Categories like Travel, Best Deals, Tech-related etc.
3. New Layout

  • spitzy
  • 22:32 27.05.2016

Maybe consider creating a chrome browser app, so the website would be integrated into my browser (to see notifications about questions answered and so...)
Also, like mentioned, a good layout of the website would be great, maybe a minimalistic one.

  • carlorell
  • 19:02 28.05.2016

Besides a New Design... It could be great to have a Referral program...! Also... A theme could be great. I mean, a theme to customize our dashboard. For example, a Black One... (for the night).

A notification bar should be great too. A profile section, to set Google 2FA and that stuff. Option to edit answer.. Or preview the answer before publish. Add a new editor to post images, and organize the answer better, improve security on site, also HTTPS.

And also add a category to each question.

  • ProfessorGlasses
  • 06:34 29.05.2016

I'm fairly new to the site, so these are coming from an outsider of sorts:
1. Some form of searching system would be great, so that you can find certain types of questions that you can answer well.
Definitely a rating system for questions and answers, so that the users can rate if the questions and answers are good.
2. Translation in to more languages is definitely useful with the new feature.
3. A more organized layout. Navigation could be faster with more organization.
4. In addition to the search-by-tag system, a bar at the top with the different tags. Perhaps users can subscribe to certain tags, so that they can find questions they know they can answer.

That's all!

  • Kees
  • 19:54 29.05.2016

I agree that adopting some of the features of StackExchange might be useful.
I agree with a drop down model for languages (+ the option to show all the languages that one is familiar with).

Perhaps also an option for people to advertise their knowledge base.

However, you also might want to go beyond the simple question/answer model. For instance, find a way for people to actually do stuff for other people, or help connect them to each other to achieve that.

  • Joanna Molyneux-Killik Nee Holland
  • 13:46 30.05.2016

Surveys would be pretty cool : )

  • maketwane
  • 12:12 31.05.2016

receive notifications when a question has been answered android or smartphone APP will also help


  • panagot: You can choose email notifications here
  • Olawaley Salau
  • 08:44 01.06.2016

Let people earn some $ by referring there friend and family by this the whole wide world traffic is on your site. I pray we won't be experiencing commotion or stampede here soon. Lols

  • Cloudymonkeys
  • 13:58 01.06.2016

I would want a more"streamlined"design as the current on is unorganized and lame

  • MandaLa
  • 16:44 01.06.2016

Possibility to edit the answers,fake ansver report button,ability to rate questions,and a new light layout.

  • rsoni286
  • 09:23 02.06.2016

A new layout and an option to chat with the admins of the site, referal system and an option to edit profile like profile pictures nick names, etc

  • BlackWolf9584
  • 18:58 02.06.2016

New layout, the ability to edit the color scheme, profile editing and some different organizing on the posts

  • mihir
  • 21:53 02.06.2016

My suggestions as follows:

1. Receive notifications when a reply is posted to our questions or answers.
2. Chat feature where users can post their question on chat and get fast replies/answers and be rewarded.
3. Suggestions when a user asks about a product (an option should be available which helps the user to select the name of the product automatically while typing it) and mention the price (options of different price options or a text box with options of different currencies. It can also display a list of sites which are selling the particular product which can help the user get his answer quickly and if not satisfied, he can wait for a bitfortip user's response.
4. Timeline/deadline for a response to be received when a question is posted.

  • Kieran Bell
  • 04:43 03.06.2016

1. The ability to post jobs/services payable by bitcoins.
2. Maybe a eBay like section where people could sell items legally for bitcoin.
3. A forum where people post the best sites for bit coin faucets.
4. A tutorial on how to mine bitcoins.
5. A referral system to draw more people in.
6. Notifications whenever questions you posted are answered.

  • Sachidanand Dev
  • 13:19 03.06.2016

Good Interface for mobile devices,
Full fledged Andoid application where we can also get notifications
Ability to provide ranking and accept the answer, I would prefer accepting multiple answers with payout choice given at the discretion of who has questions

  • Nathaniel Natzz de Guzman
  • 18:53 03.06.2016

Probably, you may increase the site's publicity like advertising by having partnerships to other big companies that needs surveys like that and would pay us to solve their questions. You may also provide a beta software that we could download for free so that our response to the questions will be more real time and accurate. Regarding the publicity, you may have a partnership with Google Inc. so that it would be easier for the public to locate this website :)

  • Liam Trionfo
  • 23:55 03.06.2016

I do like the sites layout, however I think what would make me and many others rest easy is a proof of payment, this way we can tell that the site is legitimate. Another thing I would like is a chat option between members, and possibly a tipping section on comments/answers.


  • panagot: Bitfortip has been mentioned in multiple news sites agencies,forums and I personally have been interviewed. What do you mean with tipping section on comments/answers? Inquirer only rewards in order to find what he asks for.
  • fallensk8ur
  • 00:06 04.06.2016

I would like to see a new layout or just a change of appearance. Maybe a more modern look. Also maybe some faster servers too.

  • jenggo
  • 19:57 04.06.2016

I think you need to add refferal system so all members will promote bitfortip by themshelves

  • Mightymight64
  • 01:09 05.06.2016

I would like to see this integrate with fiver.

  • Rodwell Phiri
  • 20:09 05.06.2016

Users should be able to contribute in deciding the best answers.
A chat facility for users to be able to share ideas in real time
And if users would also be able to trade between themselves....

  • Iandude44
  • 20:56 05.06.2016

Sections, like on a forum having different sections would be sweet, that would let people look specifically for questions on subjects they know about

  • alevale10
  • 21:46 06.06.2016

A most appealing web design for people to catch their attention and so to be comfortable using this page as it's amazing!

  • BobbyBlue
  • 01:31 07.06.2016

As we know, each person have some different skills, and different abilities, so, I think a UI for searching specific topics or putting questions in categories would be Great. I can quickly find a question that I already know the answer.

  • foobah
  • 15:55 08.06.2016

a better web page layout .
it should be more interactive.
and a chat feature

  • drwtsn32
  • 07:04 09.06.2016

It would be better if it has a reputation system. Where you can see a user's stats, whether this person is a good payer or not. Or if this person already helped a lot of people.

Also, if there's a "Love/Like" button or rating for satisfaction, that would be good. :)

  • suny
  • 23:58 09.06.2016

To be very frank if this was not for my very close friend I would have not registered on this site, therefore I would like to see certain changes which make a newbie like me bit more confident. By the way, why is it mandatory to deposit some bitcoins before starting a question?


  • panagot: Bitcoins are offered as a incentive for people to search for you online. Quick example. You saw a dress on a magazine or Instagram and you don't know where to buy it online. You can upload it as photo and ask bitfortip members to search it online for you in order to win the bitcoin reward.
  • Thatguytom
  • 02:32 10.06.2016

Some animation on the website would be awesome. As a game designer I know it's easier said than done to do animation but an animated logo would be cool....


  • panagot: They look good. Just saw some samples online.
  • Samir Handanovic Fersi
  • 04:05 10.06.2016

Create a faucet to claim some bitcoins

  • kokosare
  • 09:22 10.06.2016

The reward is being determined by the inquirer.

  • Stifekk
  • 13:53 10.06.2016

A mobile application as already mentioned, a chat, a bitcoins calculator, add the option to qualify with stars as well as in Unbabel, better rewards, add a faucet too

  • lukahr
  • 14:45 10.06.2016

I want Edit option, because I forgot stuff and later I can't edit anything.


  • panagot: Will be implemented this week.
  • ap
  • 16:00 10.06.2016

Sounds good. Yes mobile operating site would be great. It would be great if we able to ask question category wise. This seems bit awkward. And site design need improvement.

  • AnonimousNickname
  • 18:44 10.06.2016

Add Lithuanian language


  • panagot: In the future I will add more languages.
  • APL
  • 21:54 10.06.2016

Here are my suggestions

1.The Site Could Use a more professional look design and layout need to stop looking like there from 2005 I do not know of any examples, however you could follow the example of many other websites these are not very hard to find
2.A Chat And Messanger system with integrated tipping for fast response time from potential tippers
chat must not be so flooded so that people get overwhelmed so a cooldown period after writing a message is needed so that everyone gets their bitcoins and as well as those who are in need of tips get tended to
3.Inclusion of more languages you have many major languages but have you thought about including lesser known languages such as Dutch , Hindi etc..
4.Bigger answer box as I am typing this I cannot see what I wrote above me without scrolling up I can see maybe one or two sentences at the best
5.Tips Should be categorized as Looking For Cheap Deal on Electronics ,Clothing, so if they are filtered into categories it will be easier for people giving tips to find things that are particularly knowledgeable about for instance a person who knows a lot about computer parts can browse the electronics section and find tippers looking for info he is versed in etc...
6.Notifications for when replies must have for the site
7.Tip history see how much has been tipped to us and when
8.Deadlines for Questions
9.MORE BITCOIN!!!!!!!(tis a joke)
those are all my suggestions I hope I am helping you guys improve the site

  • paulocazula
  • 01:45 11.06.2016

A bitcoin loan system easy to registered users.

  • joclixal
  • 03:35 11.06.2016

my idea:
1. add menus (Categories or label)
2.create freelancer page (ask for job or service)
3.create Search
4.rank member

  • haha
  • 14:26 11.06.2016

Rating answers and featuring the best answer

  • Cam Maxfield
  • 23:02 11.06.2016

as much as a referal system would help in getting new people it always feels kind of cheap to me.
improved social media integration would be a good idea.
advertising on a site that offers Q&A but seems to have issues with trolling maybe?
I like the option for different languages but i think maybe adding categories would be beneficial. start out testing a couple of generic categories and see how it goes.
anything you can do to make navigation accessible and add a way to personalize accounts
lastly this may sound silly but i think an option to filter out the unanswered questions etc would be beneficial especially if you intend on increasing traffic.

  • Tobias André Andersen
  • 09:19 12.06.2016

I would like the opportunity to view rewards in other currencies according to current prices

  • maicolganador
  • 20:45 12.06.2016

yo creo que sera una bueno pagina con sus pro y contra pero se ve que va hacer muy exelente

  • tiasun
  • 11:16 13.06.2016

make question class, more difficult more prize , or prize increases every day ,
sory for bad english


  • panagot: Check this video to understand how the site works:
  • Jeremy Degree
  • 17:02 13.06.2016

I would like to see ways to earn other digital currencies.

  • Genis Aprilla Damanik
  • 22:13 13.06.2016


  • Duc
  • 10:54 14.06.2016

The answers come from many lever of knowledge, need to check the answers. The customer can trust in the
answers, the web customer will be much more

  • 19:06 14.06.2016


  • shadowman
  • 23:33 14.06.2016

id like to see a notification if my question s answered


  • panagot: You can choose email notifications here
  • edkoto
  • 16:25 16.06.2016

bitcoin betting!

  • Jason Aguilar Duero
  • 19:12 16.06.2016

Have the tippers vote for the best answer and double the bitcoin tips for the top answer


  • panagot: The reward is being determined by the inquirer.
  • user000
  • 19:49 16.06.2016

There are many things

1. The design is outdated. Would like to see a bit more clear structure. There are many features expected. For example, we need simplified withdrawal for most of the users. The process is complicated. Normally, withdrawing involves fees. Nowhere that details are mentioned. You need to make it clear what exactly the process is.

Also, there should be a FAQ page so that people know beforehand what they are supposed to do.

2. I also expect to see a faucet here so that everyone will earn something.

I know this is a costly idea but it boosts traffic. Also, using more ads will monetize better. You can implement it on "Claim Daily" Basis.

3. Chat feature during adding a question and also opportunity to rate questions and answers. Different users might have same set of preferences / choices. So, users will know which answers might solve their problems.


  • panagot: The process of withdrawal is very simple. You just type your btc wallet address, press withdraw then you confirm via email. Bitfortip is not a faucet and will never be.
  • Terry Lipperd
  • 17:31 17.06.2016

What about adding a trust or karma system?


  • panagot: I have thought of a feedback system like ebay. Thing is that over 95% will have 0 as the majority is here to earn and not to tip bitcoins.
  • TheOFang
  • 22:44 17.06.2016

New design, would like it more updated. It looks way too simple.

  • Mister TopHat
  • 19:52 18.06.2016

Perhaps somehow splitting the various tasks and question into sub categories based on not only the type of task, but level of difficulty and potential amount bitcoin earned. I feel like it could give the page way more views and subscriptions.Allowing first time uses of the site, like myself, the ability to gain more bitccoin and become familiar with not only the currency, but the community of bitcoin users as well.

  • tayamino
  • 06:08 20.06.2016

First and most, the UI/UX of the site must be upgraded :
*) Poor design of the header (use of navs would be a plus as of TWBS)
*) Optimize presentation of topics/keywords

Also, it would be nice to have an API. Subdomain Multitenancy & URL cleaning would greatly enhance visibility and SEO.

  • bitbunnny
  • 15:33 20.06.2016

Questions organized in different categories would be fine. It would be easier to search and focus on a theme of the interest.

  • BentoBot
  • 17:08 20.06.2016

Hi, I am new to this website but I think you should have daily simple questions like what do you like better and simple yes or no questions for simple rewards. Also you guys should add more protection to this site because google chrome says the connection is not private. I think a mobile version is a great idea so we can give people tips from anywhere other than that awesome website thanks for taking the time to read this!


  • panagot: Everyone can post inquiries as long as they fund their accounts with a bitcoin reward of their choice. See the YouTube video to understand how it works :
  • Yayo32
  • 00:46 21.06.2016

An easier way to search questions. Apart from this website being a great way to earn BTC, it is also a good way to get information. I suggest adding a search option.


  • panagot: Will be implemented this week.
  • 01:02 21.06.2016

A walkthrough guide to help people that are new to this website get around. Such as myself


  • panagot: Hi, the YouTube video explains how the site works :
  • vaporsdude
  • 22:13 21.06.2016

For each kind of questions, topics should be divide into separate parts. This allows people find questions that fit their desire to answer. Finally, raise the rewards a little higher.


  • panagot: The reward is being determined by the inquirer. Check the YouTube video to understand how it works
  • vicky
  • 15:50 24.06.2016

new look, easy transfer, hint option etc.

  • Edwin Camacho Broncano Jr.
  • 10:27 26.06.2016


  • saimanoj
  • 18:53 29.06.2016

I'm new to this site and I thought these
Searching option should made available
Definitely a rating system for questions and answers
click on ads and surveys should made available to earn some bitcoins which is profitable for both user and website.
I think the website layout should be improved as i think its not so well organised In addition to the search-by-tag system, a bar at the top with the different tags. Perhaps users can subscribe to certain tags, so that they can find questions they know they can answer.


  • panagot: Search and Categories will be implemented this week. Bitfortip is not a faucet. There is only one way to earn Bitcoins through bitfortip and that is by your answer is being marked as correct. Check the YouTube video to understand how it works.
  • tipper4bits
  • 23:32 29.06.2016

I am new to this site and here are my first impressions:
- When creating the password, the site did not display https.
- All the available inquiries seem to be unanswered, meaning, I don't know if a tip has been accepted for an inquiry or not.
- Unable to sort by the number of answers.
- Unable to edit/preview my answer before posting it.
- It would be better if the text box where an answer is written widens as I types text in it.

  • tobyr65
  • 22:56 02.07.2016

I would like to see a new interface, possibly with chat functions or better ways to connect with people. maybe also a better mobile interface for better use away from a computer.

  • Ludwigp
  • 17:04 03.07.2016

New UI for Better experience

  • BGZ718
  • 01:43 04.07.2016

New design to the website and notifications when answers are received.

  • 10:46 05.07.2016

An android app with easy to use ui

  • manucaceresf
  • 22:14 05.07.2016

juegos de tipo de casinos o trivias de informacion relacionadas con diversos temas,

  • Grandious
  • 03:47 06.07.2016

Multi Answer Questions. - Allow multiple answers to be correct, allow the asker to pay out for multiple different correct answers.

Multi stake Questions - Allow multiple users control over the question, allowing them to highlight additional answers by adding extra payouts. Have the original asker decide before they ask the question, if its multiple stake, and if you can add stake after the question is asked or if you need to add your stake before.

A notification system. - Email, Push to Phone, others.

Changing bounty questions? - Questions that increase/decrease in payout the longer they take to be answered. I suppose most of the benefits of the decreasing system could be handled by expiring questions.

  • spellthief
  • 08:52 06.07.2016

A couple ideas...
1) A chat built-in where current users can discuss the site and ongoing inquiries
2) An option to filter inquiries by something like amount of comments or user ratings
3) The ability to edit answers after submissions

  • msifx
  • 17:43 07.07.2016

I see that. it provides. i have a Bitcoin wallet new

  • Phakaman123
  • 23:56 08.07.2016

i think you can it's can be found in websites which promotes bitcoins


  • panagot: Bitfortip has been mentioned in multiple websites.
  • jayx45
  • 11:13 09.07.2016

any language translator for a tip

  • joseantonio
  • 17:46 12.07.2016

I think it would be better if the site will be opened for advertistments then those earning from ads will be added to the tips or used them for faucet so that we can attract more people to choose bitfortip.


  • panagot: Bitfortip is not a faucet.
  • Chris0711
  • 07:05 13.07.2016

In addition to updating the layout to make navigation a little easier, I think that a broader collection of categories (more than just Fashion, Tech/Web, Instruction) for questions would help. For example, fashion is highly specific, while instruction can contain a wide variety of question types. By letting users click on specific topics they want to answer questions about, more people will be able to find questions they are interested in answering. We should also be notified when our answers are replied to. A forum will also make it easier for people to find topics that they can talk about. It will also allow multiple users to contribute together, which adds to ideas. Users should also be allowed to place their questions into specific categories so that they can get the best answers. Allowing us to favorite other's answers may also help by seeing which provided answers were the most helpful. Optional deadlines for questions would also be helpful, and when viewing questions, the ones with the closest deadlines should appear first. (Do not allow for multiple users to be paid out, as this will lower how much each answer receives.)


  • panagot: Hi, Can you elaborate on Navigation. It's really easy in my opinion.. What more categories do you think I should put on bitfortip? I don't want to make it complicate by adding a lot. As for the reward. I am aware that everyone wants to win. But that can't be possible. The majority of the rewards so far are small so yeah I don't think splitting the reward would be a good thing.
  • Manish Gahlot
  • 08:54 13.07.2016

New layout/design. This design feels a bit outdated and unorganized. Also ability to have polls in the questions.

panagot: Hi personally I think the design is just fine. It just needs a lot more inquiries. But anyway got any suggestion on a website's design

example? Polls? Can you

  • mags
  • 15:13 13.07.2016

how to start. I mean, "Before you can submit a question, you need to fund your account with some Bitcoin, to give as a reward." As a beginner it can be tricky. I suggest having a caption where it says how to start , how you earn.


  • panagot: There are 2 ways to start. Either you fund your account with bitcoins that you already have or submit the right tip to the inquirer and if he marks your answer as correct you will have balance. You can then either post an inquiry or withdraw your earnings.
  • AringasGameplay Ltu
  • 22:34 13.07.2016

I Haven't used It much, but you could have a more friendly-er type layout

  • Valeriavera
  • 01:29 14.07.2016

1)programa de afiliados(para que mas personas se sumen)
2)algun juego para ganar dinero y al mismo tiempo divertirse

  • torbosspro64
  • 22:13 14.07.2016

A mobile app

  • Crystalheart
  • 02:31 17.07.2016

Well to my own taste the site is ok, but if you must improve upon it, be sure it maintains it user Friendly setup.. I easily get familiarised with the site without calling for help.

  • qwerty1
  • 09:46 18.07.2016

Tasks for extra BTC! :)

  • Selwyn Audrey Perez
  • 14:48 18.07.2016

More offers and easy signup

  • Sam
  • 23:14 18.07.2016

Hello I am a very new user. This site is incredible but it could do with some improved features.

-New design (slightly outdated)
-Bitcoin calculator
-Voting system for the most informative answers
-Being able to edit answers


  • panagot: Hi dear Sam, Welcome. to bitfortip. :) Do you have any proposal on how the design should look like? What is it missing? Maybe I am narrow minded but I think it's simple and nice. With Bitcoin calculator I assume you mean to have the value displayed in real time? That's a good idea. - Voting isn't necessary as only the inquirer decides to whom to give the reward too. It comes down to the honest of the members. - Editing the answers is also a bit problematic. Suppose I give an answer first that is wrong. Then I see an answer from another person below that is correct. I then edit my answer with the same info and I appear at the top. The inquirer will then see my answer and mark it as correct.
  • HaydenChappies
  • 07:59 19.07.2016

It would be nice to see more technology related articles in the near future

  • dudeswag2020
  • 18:08 19.07.2016

Integrate stackoverflow and maybe yahoo answers, and get paid for answering peoples answers. Also make the website a little more up to date.

  • mar12323
  • 20:17 19.07.2016

It would be nice to have a wider range of languages so many more people can visit the website and be easier to understand for people who can't speak English or any other given language

  • aeplozada
  • 23:47 21.07.2016

Una sección adicional donde puedas postear y cambiar bitcoin por usd/bs/eur y otras monedas.
An additional section where you can post and trade bitcoin for usd/eur/bs, and others currency, based on bitcoin actual price.

  • Mordecai Redfield
  • 10:26 26.07.2016

Needs Some Notifications.

  • ps119
  • 02:17 02.08.2016

Question categories so people can target the answers they give based on personal expertise.

  • Kosie Groenewald
  • 16:05 03.08.2016

may start like a advert company where people can share there businesses

  • Francis Mercedes Velasquez
  • 18:42 05.08.2016

Es un diseño bastante adecuado, esta bastante a la moda. Me gusta mucho la utilizada que tiene esta aplicación, seria súper excelente tenerla vía móvil y poder accesar a ella de manera completa

  • Testeur Testeur
  • 17:49 10.08.2016

There is no way to search on the website. the only filter is the county. Posts are categorize but this categorization is not use

  • mobile-dave
  • 01:01 22.08.2016

i would like to see a way of loaning bitcoin for bitcoin startup buisnesses and maybe a reward system for inviting friends

  • SlamDewey
  • 05:59 23.08.2016

I, like a few others before me would appreciate having a mobile application, as I personally own a custom built desktop computer and cannot really access this website anywhere else.

Most importantly though, I would really like to see reputation system with specializations. - specifically I'd like to see accounts that are more based towards specific categories of questions/topics, and those accounts could be specifically targeted when certain questions are asked. That way, rather than notifying everybody, you could notify the accounts that have the highest chance of answering correctly and swiftly per category. I think this would increase user experience and maybe even be an excuse to make them pay a bit more ;)

  • mohamed
  • 14:42 30.08.2016

1) Layout design can be updated as unique and clean template
2) Time frame can be shown on the enquiry
3) Inactive enquires can be removed

  • rishab2019
  • 14:57 30.08.2016

1. I think it's nice to have a profile photo of a user who have account on Bitfortip.
2. It's great if you can edit the answer which is submitted.

  • DreNamibia
  • 09:18 02.09.2016

Why not create more sub categories. And what about direction and location questions.

  • Cliffty86
  • 14:09 17.09.2016

Maybe community developing programs for city's and Government programs "like new fun ways to raise money for cancer foundations or any other fundraisers or awareness Groups'.

  • Kirrin
  • 11:44 25.09.2016

Honestly, This website is great even though I'm new around here but I think people should be able to edit answers when needed :)

  • pharmace
  • 03:52 30.09.2016

private chat therapy where ppl can pay bit to chat with someone who will lend a ear for a certain amount of time in exchange for bit

  • martin2850
  • 20:52 01.10.2016

I'd like to see categories, so the one who wants to get Bitcoins can atually search for what he is going to help with.
For example, like, tags. So if I want to help and am a Stylist, and somone Posts a Picture of himself because he Needs help to choose Glasses, he puts that into the category = Fashion, and I can search for that since that's something I can help with.

Result: No more blind searching for work, mor structure

  • hermesesus
  • 14:29 02.10.2016

Hello panagot

The biggest problem with your site is unpaid rewards
People take time to answer questions and they never get paid: this is just unfair

Look, there are 32 pending questions and 29 of them are more than one month old!
This is too much waiting just for just a few satochi!

You promised 0.0125 BTC, you had 119 answers and yet, 5 months later, nobody has been rewarded!

Some people keep asking new questions while they still haven't paid older questions:
- Tourrec (07.02.2016 and 12.06.2016)
- ruud8 (07.05.2016 and 28.05.2016 and 13.07.2016)

What should be done:
- Put a time limit (one month maximum) beyond which either an answer is rewarded randomly or a moderator chooses the best answer or users vote for the best answer
- Only one pending question per user: if a user wants to ask a new question he has to close older ones

Other suggestion: a confirmation window when submitting an answer to avoid mistakes

Thank you for your attention


  • panagot: I am aware of some questions being open indefinitely but what happens when you are not satisfied with the answers given? Should you reward someone just like that? Voting will be spammed and what happens if the inquirer comes back and says I disagree with all the answers given. Why you gave him my money?
  • hermesesus: You can set new conditions for new questions, with a warning about the fact that past one month, the moderator will choose the answer he considers the best. Inquirers may extend this period upon written request, explaining why ("I am not satisfied with the answers given"). With such a deadline, inquirers will not forget about their question and they will come back to check the answers. And if they don't come back, that means they don't care about their money so you can give it anyway. Panagot, take a look at this question: I have given the right answer almost one month ago. Do you really think that I will still bother to answer questions knowing that nobody will be rewarded? It is not worth the trouble!
  • panagot: The majority of the inquiries have been rewarded, but yes there is a problem. Thanks for your submission. . Do you have any other suggestion about the site besides setting a new policy on open inquiries?
  • hermesesus: - Confirmation window when submitting an answer (to avoid mistakes) - Categories (like in Yahoo Answers) - Leaderboard Panagot, I've got another idea: your site would be perfect for puzzles, like riddles or ciphers. People like games with a prize :) Contact me if you're interested
  • Beatrice Nistor
  • 20:21 05.10.2016

A way better layout... maybe with a foummm interface... like use WordPress with buddy press

  • Divyanshu
  • 19:59 06.10.2016

Layout shpuld be improved as it looks very old and outdated one. There should befaster loading of page.

  • Kxel
  • 09:55 07.10.2016

I love everything about this site it is amazing, except the sing in/ sign up with facebook doesnt work

  • Cyborg
  • 02:39 08.10.2016

Rating response or Answer and getting coin for rating good content.

  • Greg Mont
  • 06:04 08.10.2016

Lo principal como nuevo usuario es hacer del sitio algo mas sencillo o amigable. Además mejorar el diseño, hacerlo un poco mas llamativo.

  • Aarez786
  • 12:43 08.10.2016

Very difficult make it user friendly

  • anish agarwal
  • 09:22 09.10.2016

introducing a mobile app. is a great idea but i think while making bitfortip app just keep in mind the app should be simple and complex, in turn more people will get attracted towards the app.

  • nino007
  • 07:35 10.10.2016

non saprei sono nuovo

  • mesrick
  • 03:40 12.10.2016

I'd like to be able to see which tips I've responded to vs which tips I've been rewarded for. That way I can gauge my payout:time spent ratio.

  • Thebottomone2
  • 23:39 12.10.2016

More questions that are easier tocanswer

  • alfben
  • 02:49 14.10.2016

Use our other languages ​​not only English

  • laila631
  • 18:57 16.10.2016

كتير حلو

  • Nneka
  • 15:37 19.10.2016

Get paid in ETH or other cryprocurrency.
Verified payment for the ones submitting the wlquestion like
Have a Leader Board...who gives the best answers and most answers like..."words with friends" heirarchy. People love competition and recognition

  • Gedel
  • 03:15 05.11.2016

I guess on the left side of this page there should be a chat box for all users

  • Kenny Tynan
  • 18:51 07.11.2016

I dont see any music production questions here. It could be a good outlet for musicians to give tutorials for BC.

  • i3oss
  • 02:45 08.11.2016

There Should Be timer or time limit, Where the Poster has to pick the right answer or if he hasn't found it he should be encouraged to add a little more bitcoin reward to find the right one .But there should be closure ive seen post on here that the user has asked 1 year go and there are multiple right answers to his question but he hasn't brought closer to it and people that have anwsered it a year ago still haven't been rewarded and this isn't fair to the "answer-er" you know what i mean . I don't spend a year to find out if my answer was good or there is a better one when the questioner hasn't picked one in over a year. I love what your doing and i appreciate you asking for suggestions but please consider this one even if its not chosen . I look forward to finding out in a timely manner or at least when i am still young Lol. Thank you have a good one . One LOVE!

  • avi18015
  • 05:19 09.11.2016

you should add a help sections for the users to answer their queries regarding their accounts.
I am new in this website and have quite a few questions.
Such as can i change my bitcoin address cause the one i have entered has been changed cause it works only once and i just cant seem to find a way to change it.

  • nghibu
  • 16:23 10.11.2016

You should reorganize the site structure and user interface, it is not user friendly enough. I do not know how, but this is what you should do as soon as possible.

  • Javier Guevara
  • 20:37 11.11.2016

More spanish assigments

  • Garrett Dejesus
  • 04:02 13.11.2016

I am brand new to this site and I think it works and looks great. It's super fast with no lagging and it. I think you should add categories though so it is easier for new users to navigate. For instance I'm more educated in biology then I am in fashion and if there were categories it would be easier to answer questions that I am informed about.

  • givitek
  • 03:38 16.11.2016

A mobile application as already mentioned, a chat, a bitcoins calculator, add the option to qualify with stars as well as in Unbabel, better rewards, add a faucet too

  • DrSohil A Momin
  • 09:50 18.11.2016

To the point
1. Add a New design
2. Add faucet rotator
3. Support other coins
4. Chat
5. Notifications
6. Categories in questions
7. User Ranks
8. Voting on Answers
9. Referral System
10. Bitcoin earning Games

  • Obainosoft
  • 01:12 19.11.2016

Area of intrest tab with notification of questions from a user selected area

  • suz
  • 04:49 19.11.2016

1. The UI should be changed to more visually attractive one. This one is not bad but looks outdated.
2. There should be a notification system that notifies when someone reply to your comment.
3. Chatting system so that the users can discuss on the specific topic and can chat to the BITFORTIP representative for any help .
4. Upvote and downvote system for every post that helps the users to find how genuine the question is.

  • Bill Bodkin
  • 18:47 19.11.2016

Perhaps a new section where people can submit digital content (eg: blender / lmms files) for download by reqest or have a store where the creator gets payed per download

  • camanga
  • 14:30 24.11.2016

my suggestions;
1- we need Arabic language because it will help and increase extra users to be here.
2- the personal information need to contains mobile number which can use in sending notifications by SMS .
3- making a membership categories like a golden diamond members upon the sharing and answering questions.
4- making a weekly lucky number for adding extra bitcoins for the users.

  • Kiril Iagofarov
  • 23:08 29.11.2016

I woul like more color and a better design with big letters that call attention of people , that will help this website very much.

  • Jippin
  • 15:39 01.12.2016

I am new here.
I was expecting 'bid function'. Hence the "questioner" knows which answers is most well-received.

In this case, even if I do not have the answer to questioner's, I can learn more after other has contributed to the question.

  • Eelilanida69
  • 05:09 02.12.2016

android app would be good and needed.. and this website should be organized again because its hard to use when starting.. sorry for my bad english

  • Goodluck
  • 12:29 04.12.2016

Change is constant in life. Bitfortip should always go for improved upgrade on their server to generate more traffic because that the whole essence of existence. More traffic, more income, more income, more traffic!

  • xenoha
  • 17:47 04.12.2016

Picture submit for answers

  • thepopohunter
  • 22:05 13.12.2016

I know this is gonna sound like an easy answer but maybe a background color can give this site a total other look and gives this site some more live

  • Erick Rodriguez Omondi
  • 14:04 16.12.2016

1. Should be able to block those who gives irrelevant answers.
2. Should show members online.
3. Offer a forum place for discussions and sharing of ideas
4. Gives areas of experts on various areas to avoid mixing of ideas and questions of different sectors.

  • aman
  • 17:24 18.12.2016

add a faucet too

  • Jeremy Henson
  • 22:38 18.12.2016

I'm upvoting any "add categories" suggestion. This would help those with certain expertise to find questions more quickly.

  • tasnimjasser
  • 19:24 22.12.2016

Android application with easy and convivial GUI

  • Kuba Stankowski
  • 02:38 24.12.2016

New layout cuz its lookin like html page from school project :). other things are simply and easy to know for users.

  • bigmannsgirl
  • 04:03 24.12.2016

i think maybe adding a side chat window might make people more interested in your site.

  • alekhyadas
  • 22:16 24.12.2016

A new design for sure. Notification when a new request is there.

  • Anubhav_1982
  • 06:09 29.12.2016

The UI Need to be more user friendly

  • ikazuagbe
  • 13:15 29.12.2016

Continuous tips on how to earn bitcoins online!

  • Mert Can Karakedi
  • 21:48 29.12.2016

I want to see Turkish as a language option.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen
  • 23:17 29.12.2016

Mini courses by selected people about various subject.

  • Abril
  • 00:37 31.12.2016

I'd like that user be able to vote for the best answer

  • antonior
  • 03:13 02.01.2017

Hello, more Items added to the category search list.

  • odiotepes
  • 19:59 04.01.2017

I'd like to see more ways to earn.

  • TheHelpfulGuy
  • 02:26 07.01.2017

Maybe categories for questions? Just so it's easier to find questions that you feel more comfortable answering.

  • Theoneguy
  • 08:09 08.01.2017

I'd like to see more users and an option to sort the questions by least answered

  • Harry Dogerman
  • 16:04 11.01.2017

I would suggest tag search system in which asker may add tags to his/her question. The answerers can then search for tags, to answered their chosen categories of questions.

  • mia
  • 19:47 14.01.2017

Question category filters.

  • Linda Uka
  • 02:53 15.01.2017

I'm the new user, I would like some free bitcoins just for motivation! 😀😁

  • Adonnis Rodriguez
  • 01:42 16.01.2017

I would like a system that would sort the answers from the best to the worst

  • whi0097
  • 03:34 17.01.2017

I would personally like to see different sorts of question topics on the side of the screen, so for example there could be a games section, a problem solving section and etc.

  • greendark1
  • 14:34 17.01.2017

a mobile application will be great

  • minimal
  • 03:27 18.01.2017

submit content as well as answer questions

  • therafter
  • 21:29 18.01.2017

Perhaps the site could address how the 'Out of bitcoins' area operates within the page?
On most common browsers it appears out of place and could do with being placed differently in my opinion.

  • helpout
  • 17:55 19.01.2017

new design and some extra features
and make it simpler for other people
and let people change their bitcoin address

  • ErRishabhSuperior
  • 12:09 22.01.2017

that's good

  • Voluntaryist
  • 19:04 22.01.2017

An updated logo would be great, especially if a mobile application will be released. The BTC logo inside the lightbulb is great and the blue color background is distinctive. But improving the "Bitfortip" writing could do a lot to add an edge to the design. Perhaps a more blocky font, making the height slightly shorter than the lightbulb (because people will be more inclined to remember that logo than words). Use the lightbulb on the blue background as a thumbnail and it eould really catch on. Perhaps a white underline under "BITFORTIP" that is an electrical chord frunning from the base of the bulb to the end of the "p" and curving down into a simple 2 prong type wall plug, this would show even more the connectedness from people to ideas that this platform provides. Keep up the good work, if you want help designing such a logo I happen to know where you could find such a person (;

  • JasonBailey
  • 07:45 25.01.2017

Additional Security Features

  • Bon George
  • 11:07 28.01.2017

a fast answer if i will be rewarded

  • Nickkkk08
  • 14:36 03.02.2017

More responsive UI and colorful design

  • waltluv3
  • 21:41 03.02.2017

The ability to easily view/track rewards.

  • DP
  • 03:40 04.02.2017

Format to show/prove ones expertise

  • thimble
  • 05:53 04.02.2017

well you could possibly add animal suggestions, like searching for specific breeds and such. I know I have the information about all sorts of rabbits, and other farm animals.

  • TiffanyMTerron
  • 05:08 06.02.2017

something to let you know when the question is answered or satisfied so you don't waste time researching something that doesn't need to be researched

  • Jack Illingworth
  • 01:16 07.02.2017

new layout, the current one looks outdated and the pop up to buy bitcoins gets in the way sometimes. also place rewards for advertising bitfortip on bitcoin forums to draw more traffic to the website from people who have bitcoins to use this service. so its not just people trying to claim the rewards, and more people offering rewards.

  • Jokobi
  • 05:37 07.02.2017

A category section would be convenient for people to browse for common tips.

  • Sebastijan Anontigovic
  • 22:35 12.02.2017

i like to se a litle more money lol

  • Maharshi Dubasi
  • 13:51 13.02.2017

I believe that adding sections would make the job of asking and answering questions easier. For example, add a webpage for shopping or clothes and another page for school or tutoring. This not only builds the reputation of this website as being legitimate but also makes it look more professional.

  • Musclepupxdom
  • 16:47 14.02.2017

Hello, I find that the backround design is lacking in space. It seems unappealing to the I to see toomuch white. Another tip would be to add more tags and search quries. If their was a more clearier way to get a search of say, tech questions, then narrowing it down in a search bar. This will help the site overall. Thank you for listening.

  • BabaDeji
  • 23:50 16.02.2017

A more responsive, simple design. Q&A should be arranged orderly

  • serergg
  • 03:49 18.02.2017

give more advertising on social media.. we need more users

  • VincentBalo
  • 10:40 24.02.2017


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