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  • yianniboy
  • 17:35 15.03.2018
  • English
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Category: Fashion

Looking for a supplier of FRUIT OF THE LOOM A - SHIRTS.

I am rewarding whoever finds me an online shop that sells these ribbed vests. Please do not put a link of Amazon charging $16 for a pack of 3. US retail price is what I am looking for. Prerequisite: MUST ship to Malta, Europe.

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3 Answers

  • however!!!888
  • 05:27 18.05.2018

yo hello my Malta brother this fair minded Sicilian/American Indian isnt going to tartar you with some quick link but I can guarantee a steady supply of these exact tanks your seeking (sizes?) and even other brands as comparable per maybe even a bit nicer... personally ill be the individual full filling your quota and shipping them to you please feel free to give me a shot, and let's get you a deal and a business relationship we can look back on as a hell of small but awesome beginning to a happy $$$secure venture. Emilio in California

  • janesnow
  • 15:10 20.05.2018

Hi, ships these to Malta. The supplier is Fruit of the Loom. I hope this helps! :)


  • JamesScott
  • 07:23 21.05.2018

you can also try they do have international shipping

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