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Category: Fashion

Help me find this lace dress

Looking for an online shop.
Must have European shipping.


This question is no longer open.

9 Answers

  • Genjyro
  • 16:28 07.02.2020


  • Slater
  • 19:46 07.02.2020
  • Correct

the closest I found:



  • kiwi: Hello, actually the size wasn't available but I've found on the website other similar dresses with the design that I wanted. Thank you very much for the tip.
  • WhWiaKoko
  • 15:35 09.02.2020

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  • FallAngeline
  • 05:41 11.02.2020

Hi,I think these two are the ones that come closest .... one is conservative but cute and the other highlights the figure of the one who uses it ...

1): https://www.romanoriginals.co.uk/lace-v-back-dress-10901red


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