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  • Andres Rodriguez
  • 15:10 21.10.2016
  • English
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Category: Tech/Web

Pepakura Sci-fi Armor models

I am looking for pepakura (paper pls, not foam) models of some kind of sci fi armor. I have already looked and found models for Halo, Star Wars, Iron Man, etc, but the ones that i am looking are like these ones:

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27 Answers

  • manuvuv
  • 17:41 21.10.2016

The closest I could find is this model from the Crysis Game. This one is paper too


  • Andres Rodriguez: Thx for it, i already had it. Tried a few week ago, but it's more a second skin than an armour, and in effective terms, not very doable.
  • Gideon Bardi
  • 21:44 21.10.2016

i think you should try these sites
i hope this helps


  • Andres Rodriguez: Thx! Already knew them, searched and found nothing. The tamasoft one is especially empty.
  • razvand1
  • 00:03 22.10.2016 that`s what i can do for u !


  • Andres Rodriguez: Thnx, but those are just shirts and posters.
  • aak007
  • 06:32 22.10.2016
Try this out...


  • Andres Rodriguez: Thx! Those are just masks.
  • yohnny9
  • 17:25 22.10.2016


  • Andres Rodriguez: Thanx, but those are just posters, i need the pepakura files to build the suit.
  • yenier
  • 17:39 22.10.2016

es malo el traje


  • Andres Rodriguez: Malo? Porqué?
  • Abella Anderson
  • 22:00 22.10.2016


  • Andres Rodriguez: Thanx, but in the question i've already said that i've already searched and found and discarded Halo/Star Wars/Iron Man etc, and those are costumes, not what i am looking for.
  • ksdbdex
  • 07:05 23.10.2016

very good armour looking very cool and awesome bro i dont know where to find it out


  • Andres Rodriguez: Yeah, looks great and i would be willing to build one, but can't seem to find it.
  • Tanya Alexsandrovna
  • 14:30 23.10.2016

beautiful I would like to se this costume


  • Andres Rodriguez: I could come back here when i have found/planned/done/finished it...could take a while i fear, hehehe
  • ElNandoMC
  • 15:59 23.10.2016

The closest I could find is this model from the Crysis Game.


  • Andres Rodriguez: Thanx! Answered before to this same proposal.
  • Cute69
  • 19:17 23.10.2016

Check This One :D


  • Andres Rodriguez: Thanx, but not very close.
  • wilsonx03
  • 01:20 24.10.2016

thix for it i already had it. Tried a few week ago but its more a second skin than an armour and in efective terms not very doable

  • Devel
  • 11:05 24.10.2016

This modal is very better & so good it look like so strong

  • Pedro Jonathan Alcantara Ibarra
  • 05:37 25.10.2016

  • Ehmjay
  • 15:19 29.10.2016

There is a relatively cheap Crysis Nano Suit that looks very similar to that. Im sure with a bit off light coloring you can make it look pretty close

  • Andres Felipe Santos
  • 18:41 30.10.2016


  • viktor30
  • 20:00 02.11.2016

Thx! Those are just masks.

  • micubu
  • 22:17 09.11.2016

Hi! this link has an extensive list (some pictured, some not) of cool armors, masks, guns, etc. hope it helps!


  • Andres Rodriguez: No list here, could you plz add it?
  • Merrill Jenkins
  • 05:01 19.01.2017

what size? and for what function? costume or for action


  • Andres Rodriguez: Well, this is intended for action, but for airsoft. So it doesn't have to be much hard. Size? Wereable, i am a regular sized man, 1,75m high, a bit overweight (losing fast)
  • nick_rinaldi
  • 17:50 17.03.2017

  • Ronald Gonzalez
  • 01:54 21.05.2017

  • zootman420
  • 12:05 03.06.2017

hey try

  • neilrued
  • 12:33 06.07.2017

I haven't tried requesting permission to access their database, but another person recommended this for Pepakura file sources:

  • erivan
  • 23:38 16.07.2017


  • ammar
  • 18:54 29.07.2017

here u can find this it take hour to me to search this hope it helps u

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