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Category: Tech/Web

38-32mm coin ring

Where could I get a coin ring with an inside diameter of 32mm and an outside diameter of 39mm

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9 Answers

  • vk
  • 17:58 02.02.2017


  • tolamide7
  • 18:03 02.02.2017


  • wikman
  • 03:12 03.02.2017


  • vector
  • 13:33 03.02.2017


  • djorzgul
  • 15:57 03.02.2017


What type of ring you're looking for?

In general, finding a local jewelry maker is my first thought.
However if you need more specific design you'll need a maker with specific skills.

I work as illustrator ( 2D and 3D) and I worked on couple of ring projects making 3D print ready prototype that will be 1st printed then used as a base for mold casting that will finally be used for final production in silver.
It is pretty straightforward process for someone with enough experience.

Though, as I wrote, first thing would be you clarifying what you want :)



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