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  • nikosgt
  • 21:19 05.09.2018
  • English
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Anyone can help me get this shirt for 20$ max cost including shipping cost to Athens Greece?

Color is white, size is 2XL, the photo is from the Radio Birdman LP from 1977, called Radios Appear (see pic).

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20 Answers

  • BeeJay
  • 20:44 10.09.2018

I could help you place an order
contact me at [email protected]

  • MoAdHadi
  • 05:47 11.09.2018

i can design the same concept and sending to you for print it

  • MrJuan1
  • 06:37 11.09.2018

In spain u can found this shirt easy, browse in "Mercado Libre España" for results.

  • OSAbayomi
  • 23:00 11.09.2018

I can get it for you and you'll still have little change left

  • zuka4all
  • 18:05 12.09.2018

I could help you to get from alibaba and shipped to your doorstep with 20$

  • taibihakim
  • 11:40 14.09.2018

Αυστραλιαρα ρε πουστη.ουτε μια μετρια μπαντα.σε ολα τα ειδη.μια γαμημενη φαρμα με κροταλιες κι εφυγα

  • aceospade
  • 21:58 14.09.2018


  • lixthompson
  • 05:03 15.09.2018

well yeah but not getting it from where you want it but you making them yourself i actually know the things you need

  • Meehdi
  • 00:39 18.09.2018

Hello, you can order the same T-shirt, so you can do it in many places. Do it in your Internet browser.

  • Udesh
  • 11:32 20.09.2018

Search Sri Lanka or Bangladesh garment factory.than you can take it. Thats country print this T-shirt and export. If you need more information [email protected] . Dont select India. It's have low materials.I think you can take it max rate 10 to 15 USD in there.

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