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  • nabs
  • 14:36 13.06.2016
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Category: Instruction

An anonymous bank account

tutorial on how to open an anonymous bank account.

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67 Answers

  • premiumfaucets
  • 15:49 13.06.2016


  • nabs: This isn't a bank account but a card and a card has limits on how much you can add every year. Also it isn't a tutorial but a paying service that you suggest
  • jasper30151
  • 20:01 14.06.2016

  • bitcoinstar001
  • 00:05 15.06.2016

  • user000
  • 19:57 16.06.2016

I would like to clarify that there is no hard and fast rule here. Instead there are special firms dedicated for this.

Here is one such example:

This is another:

I can't provide a tutorial (there is nothing like that) but would recommend adding bank accounts to such companies who offer such services.

  • abdellatif85
  • 21:10 16.06.2016

  • Terry Lipperd
  • 17:26 17.06.2016

Your best bet is really a pre-paid card. I know that you are against them, but it is the closest you can get without real illegal activity. Netspend, Serve cards all give you an account number and routing number.

  • Russell Kjell Coffield
  • 22:20 19.06.2016

why would you need an anonymous bank account obviosly illegal activity

  • jitenmazee
  • 18:19 23.06.2016

Hey friend, i have this website useful for anonymous bank account. Check it out

  • Camilito13
  • 05:48 24.06.2016


  • juliet
  • 09:42 25.06.2016

whatvus that?

  • jenggo
  • 05:54 30.06.2016

Card not bank you can try

  • mouhssin1994
  • 15:24 02.07.2016

im annonymous bank accunt if you want any help im here

  • Benjamin R Long
  • 06:03 05.07.2016

There is no real true anonymity, even in bitcoin services there has to be a paper trail otherwise there would be no route of exchange or chain of custody for the transaction to follow... It can be obfuscated, but in the end all financial systems need a ledger to account for their value... So, a cursory check could leave you unnoticed... but detailed examination would see your trail no matter how you obscure your identity


  • nabs: as nobody could get me an answer, the answer must be that there is none.
  • Rudolf Dsouza
  • 08:34 05.07.2016

: .this site may be of some help to you.good luck

  • msifx
  • 17:46 07.07.2016

you only open one Bitcoin wallet new ex : blockchain

  • Phakaman123
  • 00:10 09.07.2016

Privacy World is exceedingly proud to offer a wide variety of anonymous, personal and company tax free bank accounts to meet the requirements of the most discerning privacy seeker. Please click on and peruse the url's below to see what's on offer. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us and we will be happy to assist you to your full satisfaction in meetings your banking requirements.

Privacy World

I-Account in Asia
Panama Virtual Account and Debit Card
Totally Anonymous Personal Banking Package
Belize Company & Belize Bank Account
Swiss Personal or Company Bank Account
No Name No ID ATM/Debit Card
Panama Company & Hong Kong Bank Account
Secret African Numbered Bank Account
Virtual Credit Card in any Name & Address
Panama Company & Caribbean Bank Account
Anonymous NO ID Internet Bank Account
The Mediterranean Tax FREE Bank Account!
The Complete PAYPAL Banking Package!
Easy To Obtain Merchant Account!

  • torbosspro64
  • 22:05 14.07.2016

To transfer money use PayPal

  • Riad Mahmood
  • 14:37 15.07.2016

  • qwerty1
  • 09:43 18.07.2016

  • nwfella
  • 10:45 24.07.2016

1.) Visiting
2.) Select [Resources] --> [Bitcoin Core]
3.) Download Bitcoin Core and wait for the blockchain to download.
4.) Once blockchain finishes downloading enjoy your new anonymous protocol-based bank account while simultaneously giving yourself an attaboy pat on the back for helping to ensure the decentralization of the network while running a full-node!! ;-)

  • cintia
  • 14:11 13.08.2016

BITPLASTIC.COM , es una compañía con oficina en Moscú que ofrece una tarjeta de débito anónima sin ningún tipo de límites Puedes retirar dinero de cajeros, realizar compras en tiendas virtuales y físicas . Tambien puedes recibir transferencia de bitcoins a la tarjeta y vender bitcoins por dinero en casi todo el mundo. Cobran un 5% de comisión por conversión de moneda y 0,25BTC para obtener la tarjeta. Muy interesante !!

  • M Sami Ullah
  • 16:43 13.08.2016

I have

  • toenail111
  • 05:50 17.08.2016

here is a list of them

  • k0k
  • 01:07 22.08.2016

You should check this:

They are offshore bank in a St. Vincent caribean nation.

  • RichieHendricks
  • 20:25 28.08.2016

Try a Swiss bank account. They are legal but are protected against any laws.

  • lakshya sahu
  • 16:54 01.09.2016

its a bitcoin wallet

  • ferko
  • 02:49 19.09.2016

no es una cuenta bancaria anonima solo es un pago por trabajo en dolares

  • norvinjosue
  • 01:24 26.09.2016

No son seguros esos sitios

  • Hanafi Ishak
  • 19:22 27.09.2016

maybe this will help you

  • skyfilzs
  • 18:15 07.10.2016

Its give you 3 Bank account
1- USA
2- UK
3- Europ
with Master Debit Card

its a best choise for anonymous bank account.

  • Pgoc17
  • 19:43 24.10.2016

You don't need an Anonymous Acount. But if you truly need, create account with another alias na.

  • chop0
  • 20:27 27.11.2016

The easiest way is to use blockchain wallet. You also can use completely hidden account on tor, however there is no guarantee it will be legit.

  • tasnimjasser
  • 19:21 22.12.2016

please check this link:

  • Tombiz
  • 19:11 08.02.2017

Maybe this one will help you...

  • themest
  • 18:31 15.02.2017

just use crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. The most anomymous coin out there is Monero. here arte more informations about this currency .

  • Bhushan Khodke
  • 14:42 18.02.2017

  • Musclepupxdom
  • 18:04 23.02.2017

Hello, Nabs

My Alias is, Musclepupxdom, and I am here to help you set up a trusted, "anonymous" banking account. I used quotations around anonymous because of two reasons. One, Though it is anonymous to all outside parties, there are still your teller and his employer that handles your money. Two, There is an off-chance in severe, And I mean sever cases that they will allow the third parties to access your records. But I don't think you need to worry about that too much unless you are planning on buying a ton of Military hardware straight from the dark web. There are to approaches to getting an anonymous bank account. Illicit or legal whichever you choose is your business, I will provide some instructions on both.

1.) The first would be the Legal version of anonymous banking. One I would recommend would be HSBC network in Hong Kong. There are a whole assortment of perks to this. In China and Hong Kong they carry a huge reform in law saying that all transactions in business are not to be interfered or monitored, as this would be an invasion of privacy and bad for the economy. Setting up an account With HSBC will provide complete security in the world larger bank network with no third parties allowed to tax, read into, or take from your transactions, EVER. They also provide excellent plans of rate as well for foreigners. The same rules apply to these foreigners. I.e a man deposits $938.00USD into his HSBC account the U.S. government can not have claim on any records or tax this deposit. Best of all is It is legal. For more Info visit their website at

2.) Now we come to the darker side of the moon. You see many people have needs that their country usually doesn't condone or allow. This led to an underground network to be formed. We all know the rumors about "Black Markets" and such, and I am to inform you that they have a bit of truth to them, or should I say their origins are completely truthful. With the rise of the Digital age there has been a recent development in anonymous internet traffic and services that can only be accessed using a set of software known as an onion router or TOR for short. Normally this allows you to surf through the immense expansions of the internet that normal providers, I.e. (Google, Bing, Edge, Ect.) does not condone or have the ability to process. This portion of the internet roughly makes 96% of the internet that is unavailable without TOR and even less has been actually visited. Back to the point of hand Their are many consultants and online/illicit banking and accounting systems hidden amongst the dark web. If trusted they are some of the best out there so long as you keep them a secret they keep you a secret...and alive. Scary to think, but it’s the cold truth. Places to search would be a hidden wiki page or agora, silkroad even. I can’t give you directions to these places for security issues but I can point you into the direction. Be careful the deep web isn’t bad but the further you go the darker it gets. Youll start of with the usually blogs and wikis you could have found on the surface but then it takes a turn for a more darker pursuits. Human cannibalism, slave trade, drug trafficking, hired gunman, live streams of torture and murder you can participate in A.K.A Red Room, and even child pornography. Whether you pursue these acts is none of my business. It’s not my cup of tea. Just thought I can give a forewarning.

For any more information Email me at: [email protected]

  • leomar
  • 05:58 01.03.2017

Here an aaccount anonymous:

  • torpedo
  • 19:37 03.03.2017

go to UBS bank in Switzerland and get a first hand experience yourself

  • jianson
  • 21:29 03.03.2017


  • Rich
  • 07:03 22.03.2017

Or just use Bitcoin as your bank :)

  • Vontavius1
  • 00:52 27.03.2017

You can go through square cash using a very specific name, and they will issue you a virtual untrackable card which you can use for any purchase.

  • TommySchwarz
  • 20:26 01.04.2017

Paypal, driver license to?

  • Daprince
  • 20:19 13.04.2017

well is it possible to open an anonymity account in Nigeria?

  • ArisHinkle-Coniff
  • 13:46 02.05.2017

Short answer for a real bank account? Break the law. Otherwise, net-spend

  • Ronald Gonzalez
  • 01:59 21.05.2017

Check in Amazon

  • ManLopBlend
  • 17:28 24.05.2017

Use Litecoin, it's a great anonymous currency and you will remain relatively anonymous no matter what bank account type you use.

  • saman
  • 17:50 28.05.2017

it's risky to do it why you need that? it's illegal i think!

  • rhythm218
  • 02:36 13.06.2017

You can try this prepaid card. anonymous card

  • Vivek Pratham
  • 14:57 15.06.2017

  • JamesHaroldEstremera
  • 09:56 25.03.2018

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