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Where can I download the best Visual Basic 6 decompiler for executable files (*.exe)?

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9 Answers

  • BugsBunny
  • 01:36 02.02.2020
  • Correct

Decompiler Technologies (formerly Visual Basic Right Back) is a decompilation service.
http://www.vb-decompiler.com: VB Decompiler Forum. Even includes some specifics on building a VB5/VB6 decompiler.
http://www.vb-decompiler.org: decompiles pcode, "high level assembler" for native code. Proprietary software, but free (as in beer) "Lite" version is available.
VBDE by Iorior dumps GUI information about VB executables; some decompilation ability
WKTVBDebugger VB debugger by WTK
http://www.decompiler-vb.net. VBReFormer is a decompiler for native Visual Basic applications. It shows design code data (forms, controls, etc.), allows the modification of design properties directly on the binary, can disassemble native code, and can decompile native code (as much as that is possible).
VBEditor by Hexman recovers Gui Information
R.A.C.E. by Sarge recovers Gui Information, and P-Code opcodes.
P32Dasm by Darker is a P-Code decompiler which decompiles to P-Code tokens.
Semi VB Decompiler by vbgamer45 recovers gui information, and P-Code tokens. For VB 5 and 6. Does not recompile native code.
VB Parser - Recovers P-Code tokens.
VBRezQ recovers the project file and forms.
http://vbdebug.cjb.net for a Visual Basic debugger (p-code programs only) by Mr Silver and Mr Snow.
VB Shrink by Cute-Bits is a tool that strips non essential info from the executable, to make it more difficult to decompile
VB EXE Obfuscator by Jory
Decompiler Defeater (see DeFeater)

  • throooowaaaayy
  • 06:25 04.02.2020

Maybe try https://qiil.io/Default.aspx

  • santekarla
  • 14:45 05.02.2020

can download this link.. full pack.. https://merakettim2018.blogspot.com/2020/02/visual-basic.html

  • 514mangwap450
  • 07:56 06.02.2020

https://www.vb-decompiler.org/products.htm, the link is at the bottom of the page :)

  • Asuoden
  • 01:48 13.02.2020

You can download the best V.B 6 decompiler at https://visual-studio-decompiler.soft112.com

  • Nosa efosa
  • 01:51 14.02.2020

On google you can check that as well and get very good answer on there

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