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Looking for the best ointment as an alternative treatment to reduce skin pain from herpes zoster

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7 Answers

  • Nexxus1000
  • 22:12 05.05.2020

Hello there

Some evidence from a systematic review of studies assessing the treatment of herpes zoster with acupuncture suggests that acupuncture therapy is effective for the condition,so you can always try this method.

  • Braatta
  • 08:59 06.05.2020

Give this ointment a try
It has help one of my brother

  • facesitter
  • 19:37 07.05.2020

cbd oil and valtrex

  • danial_mm
  • 20:46 08.05.2020

https://www.amazon.com/Shingles-Treatment-Cream-Guaranteed-Outbreaks/dp/B00WXVJ0SM Can Amazon Help? Otherwise, you can use dried ginger and cinnamon. Mix them with water and apply to the sore spot

  • yfcpe
  • 12:17 23.05.2020

Vaseline and meditation sport I went through that months ago

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