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Looking for a complete, online and interactive Enron stock price chart

Hello, i've seen many pics of the Enron stock price chart after a quick search but haven't found any interactive charts or price history by weekly price. If you find any tables with at least weekly price history since the creation of the stock or an interactive chart with most of its price history you will get this reward.

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22 Answers

  • BugsBunny
  • 15:16 03.02.2020


it is an interactive one, you have to arrange the dates as it autos to todays date


  • MediaSearch: says "this chart is not available" to me
  • BugsBunny: A web resource for historic stock prices is Yahoo Finance (Stock Prices) - http://finance.yahoo.com/ . Stock prices go back to the 1070s. Begin by doing a search using the ticker symbol, then choose "Historical Prices" from the blue bar on the left; choose daily, weekly, or monthly data. and a secondary Among the Library's Research Databases, Mergent Online will allow you to search inactive US and international companies by placing a check mark next to USA Company Database (Inactive) or International Company Database (Inactive) on the search screen and then entering the company name or symbol. Then on the company information page, click on the Equity Pricing tab; on the Equity Pricing page, under Controls on the left side, choose the time period (up to 30 years). A pricing chart will be drawn
  • MediaSearch: it doesnt appear.
  • BugsBunny: sorry yahoo seems inept to give what they say they had. :( and i cannot varify your actual need here without sign up https://www.mergentonline.com/noticescm.php?pagetype=about but they say they have it in archives. which is an addon for subscribers (found nothing about cost at all. might be free with sign up?)
  • MediaSearch: i couldn't sign up to that site
  • bitcoin4me
  • 15:39 03.02.2020



  • MediaSearch: since the stock has around 17 years of info i would like at least half of that (around 9 years). This only has 3 years (1998-2001)
  • bitcoin4me: You cannot have the full information for free. Better use your dollars elsewhere. https://www.quandl.com/data/ZEP/ENRNQ-ENRON-ENRNQ-Stock-Price
  • MediaSearch: oh, that sucks. I tried making a free account to see if i could see it but i couldn't. If there is none available that would be too bad.
  • Petter
  • 15:53 03.02.2020

Daily data prices from 01/01/97 to 12/31/2012


  • MediaSearch: That is from 97 to 02 (5 years) . The minimum usable for me is around 9 years.
  • Doggfather15
  • 07:41 26.02.2020


(A) 1996 to 2001: Enron is the darling of Wall Street; share price rises; Fortune magazine calls Enron “America’s Most Innovative Company” for six consecutive years.

(B) 1999 to mid-2001: Enron executives and directors receive $1.1 billion by selling 17.3 million shares.

(C) April 17, 2001: Enron reports first quarter profits of $536 million.

(D) August 14, 2001: Jeffrey K. Skilling abruptly resigns as chief executive, citing “personal reasons,” Mr. Lay reassume the position of CEO.
(E) August 20, 2001: Kenneth Lay sells 93,000 shares for about $2 million. At the same time, he urges employees to buy company shares, sends an e-mail to employees assuring them that the company is on solid footing, and predicts "significantly higher stock price.”

(F) September 26, 2001: In an online chat with employees, Mr. Lay says that Enron stock is a good buy and that the company’s accounting methods are “legal and totally appropriate.”

(G) October 16, 2001: Enron reports a third-quarter loss of $618 million.

(H) October 22, 2001: The Securities and Exchange Commission opens an inquiry into Enron’s accounting.

(I) December 2, 2001: Enron files for bankruptcy protection.

  • furkanyeken
  • 11:09 27.02.2020

yükselme var

  • ritu
  • 19:27 09.03.2020

good high in past but huge down fall.

  • bunyamin34
  • 13:40 16.03.2020

1984 'den 2001 e kadar çok büyük bir yükselme var

  • Rajatahi1986
  • 19:36 17.03.2020


  • ateduman
  • 07:59 18.03.2020

E?im grafi?i

  • amir.sh1380
  • 12:06 25.03.2020


  • Khaleel
  • 12:25 25.03.2020

Try this! It has a price history in months https://www.tradinggame.com.au/happy-anniversary/enron/

  • Habmias
  • 22:14 25.03.2020

good high in past but huge down fall.

  • Caiancruz
  • 23:32 25.03.2020

very much

  • Kosiorpb
  • 18:10 02.04.2020


  • Meatdonie
  • 12:27 04.04.2020

You can see the stock prices of enron company day by day, sir.

  • mzade
  • 23:32 05.04.2020


(A) 1996-2001: Enron, Wall Street'in sevgilisidir; hisse fiyat? yükselir; Fortune dergisi Enron'a alt? y?l üst üste “Amerika'n?n En Yenilikçi ?irketi” ad?n? veriyor.

(B) 1999'dan 2001 ortas?na kadar: Enron yöneticileri ve yöneticileri 17,3 milyon hisse satarak 1,1 milyar dolar ald?.

(C) 17 Nisan 2001: Enron ilk çeyrek kar?n? 536 milyon dolar olarak bildirdi.

(D) 14 A?ustos 2001: Jeffrey K. Skilling, “ki?isel nedenlerden” ötürü aniden ba? yönetici olarak istifa etti, Bay Lay CEO pozisyonunu yeniden kabul etti.
(E) 20 A?ustos 2001: Kenneth Lay yakla??k 2 milyon $ kar??l???nda 93.000 hisse sat?yor. Ayn? zamanda, çal??anlar? ?irket hisseleri sat?n almaya ça??r?yor, çal??anlara ?irketin sa?lam bir temelde oldu?undan emin olmak için bir e-posta gönderiyor ve "önemli ölçüde daha yüksek hisse senedi fiyat?" öngörüyor.

(F) 26 Eylül 2001: Çal??anlar ile yap?lan çevrimiçi bir sohbette, Bay Lay, Enron hisse senedinin iyi bir sat?n alma oldu?unu ve ?irketin muhasebe yöntemlerinin “yasal ve tamamen uygun” oldu?unu söylüyor.

(G) 16 Ekim 2001: Enron üçüncü çeyrekte 618 milyon dolar zarar bildirdi

(H) 22 Ekim 2001: Menkul K?ymetler ve Borsa Komisyonu Enron'un muhasebesine bir soru?turma açt?.

(I) 2 Aral?k 2001: Enron, iflas korumas?.

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