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  • novemberwoah
  • 00:48 18.03.2016
  • English
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Cheap Quadcopters/Drone with GPS

Does any of you here knows where i could find myself a cheap drone/quadcopter that has gps, cam etc. second hand can also be one of my choices, as long as its in good condition.

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4 Answers

  • derekreinhard
  • 12:32 18.03.2016

You didn't mention any country shipping limitations. The cheapest with all your desired features (at least with semi-autonomous gps flight) is the AEE


  • novemberwoah: ASIA
  • derekreinhard: Have you checked eBay? There is a good selection here from eBay India that ships beyond.
  • SRYAN19
  • 06:21 19.03.2016

This is a great company that sells drones. Very avoidable and cheaper than the other answer. Shoots 720p with live stream.

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