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Category: Tech/Web

How many Bitcoin were sold to drop the price 15% from $9700 to $8500 on the 10th of May?

Looking an answer with accurate data for the following:

Largest sell order
Which exchange
Total volume


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5 Answers

  • MasBro
  • 03:53 13.05.2020

Circulating Supply
18,376,081 / 21,000,000

When need bitcoin from reference volume

I have average 725 Bitcoin have Sold on global market, and than market make price down at 8500/BTC

When You Proofing me you can sent me a BTC on

  • Bitmen
  • 06:42 13.05.2020

una ballena vendio Bitcoins por el valor de 2.685.542 dólares en BitMEX

  • elpasta
  • 18:25 19.05.2020

about 7million usd worth of bitcoin
my bitcoin address. 1D4W7VvDaUGkLzAGkRgDu3eCiBQJsYHBdb

  • bmw
  • 04:29 25.05.2020

2700 btc

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