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Looking for a old report that was on youtube

Hello, I watched a video report over a year ago about the USA economy. If i remember correctly it was a NBC Special Report hosted by Brian Williams in 1998 about how good the economy was. I think it was over 20 minutes. If i am incorrect about the year it has to be between 1997 and 1999. I will give the reward for a watchable link that i can check.

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  • vahid na
  • 21:27 03.02.2020



  • MediaSearch: So far i have no evidence to suggest that
  • Slater
  • 21:40 03.02.2020

Hi, I think it was in 1999:


I hope it will help you, and wait for my reward


  • MediaSearch: Nope, it didnt say anything about Kosovo.
  • Petter
  • 06:54 04.02.2020

Not a NBC report I guess, but check it out:


  • MediaSearch: That one isn't the one if looking for, sadly
  • ichihashi
  • 07:14 06.02.2020

try to look this one https://www.msnbc.com/11th-hour-with-brian-williams


  • MediaSearch: Couldn't find it on that site.
  • bat185
  • 22:56 10.02.2020

You maby say this report?

  • Hoodbaby
  • 01:31 11.02.2020


  • hakan tuna
  • 17:55 21.02.2020


  • Sunburst
  • 17:49 25.02.2020


  • Grimreaper
  • 09:40 27.02.2020


  • work2bitcoin
  • 09:54 28.02.2020

It is great news

  • jaxhiv123
  • 02:52 06.03.2020

Naked News ...LOL

  • Kasjublack
  • 08:03 16.03.2020

in 1999

  • Foafh
  • 18:10 30.03.2020

I think finally I found it ...


  • MediaSearch: Thank you very much. This is it.
  • MediaSearch: You havent recieved your reward because there seems to be a little bug with the system but as soon as that is solved i'll mark your answer as correct.
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  • Bitfortip
  • 17:53 01.04.2020
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  • MediaSearch: Ok then! Thanks for the help.

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