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Category: Fashion

Where can I find an identical liquor bottle like this?

Looking for the exact same design. Thanks

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9 Answers

  • BugsBunny
  • 20:02 18.01.2020
  • Correct

this is artist made. possible that only one run was done. by the looks its possible Czech Bohiemain as opposed to the other regions due to the ribbed and bubble sections with no diamond cut.
outside of posting to these types of houses until you narrow the actual artist (no marks of trade on bottom?)

or to have one commissioned from a place as such


Blue cobalt glass decanter, hand painted gold leaf


  • Bitfortip: Thank your for your valuable tip. Czech Bohemian key word really helped me a lot to narrow it down.
  • ahmed kouki
  • 17:19 19.01.2020

here my friend : https://antiqueauctionsnow.net/ol/persian-bottle

  • mrnaveed
  • 16:09 23.01.2020

hi bro chack this https://antiqueauctionsnow.net/ol/persian-bottle

  • marlon241982
  • 08:11 24.01.2020

check this https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/133489576441447403/?lp=true the top is identical

  • codeshark
  • 23:17 25.01.2020

https://antiqueauctionsnow.net/ol/persian-bottle try that

  • Dadaskopat
  • 06:23 26.01.2020

Bunlar el yap?m? özel parçalard?r antikac?larda rahatl?kla bulabilirsin

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