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  • panagot
  • 06:23 18.05.2018
  • English
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Category: Tech/Web

Looking for an old advertisement that used to play on the TV.

I remember it was 3 people on a train that were doing the same trip everyday on their way to work and that they never ever exchanged a single word.

The older one then get's up and says.

I am retiring tomorrow and my name is... and then gets off the the train.

Then the other 2 introduce to each other.

I think it was an AD about a drink. Not really sure.
Can anyone find it for me?

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3 Answers

  • Youngkizz
  • 04:41 11.10.2018,
check this link

  • Diaredds
  • 18:21 12.10.2018
Может это?

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