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Find me an e-store that sells this beautiful t-shirt. Submit the tip that i am looking for and you will earn the reward 0.02 BTC :)

The reward will be given to the first one that provides me the direct link with the t-shirt. Needs to be able to be sent to Greece. Thank you for looking. ;)

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12 Answers

  • 17:28 07.08.2015

Use customink.com contact them send this photo to them they will make it for you

  • rahulearner
  • 19:21 07.08.2015

http://www.spreadshirt.com/design-your-own-t-shirt-C59 Create your own custom design and They will ship you

  • Muhammad Ahmed
  • 20:43 08.08.2015

Hey panagot, i suggest you to use http://reebok.com/ because it is easy to use , trusted, website with large traffic your Shirt will be sold quickly Thanks i am waiting for your reward :-)


  • Bitfortip: I don't want to sell it. I want to buy it again.
  • hermesesus
  • 01:18 09.08.2015

Use this picture that I created to print on a white T-shirt. http://i.imgur.com/DimhRZ2.jpg You can also create your own T-shit on http://www.spreadshirt.com using that picture.


  • Bitfortip: Hi. Very interesting work you did there. What program did you use it for it ?
  • Bitfortip: If you can see carefully. The colors are a bit different. It was very bright pink instead of red. You deserve a tip. Please tell me your btc address.
  • Bitfortip: If nobody can find me the original i will use this a template ;)
  • hermesesus: 17wsz3hqi1nR3z92S87cEtAUSdmypqfYYM
  • Bitfortip: OK. I've sent you a tip for your work. https://blockchain.info/address/17wsz3hqi1nR3z92S87cEtAUSdmypqfYYM. The reward for the original remains though to anyone who can find it ;) P.S Also please check your email
  • hermesesus: Thank you!
  • dollarneed
  • 04:32 10.08.2015

i suggest you to submit your protofolio on 99designs.com and make a contest about your t-shirt and choose one of them as you favorited it, Good luck

  • Atuobi
  • 17:20 31.08.2015

Use customink.com contact them send this photo to them they will make it for you 17pMWnGgHDMzagEgKBJy353Cjo72FKgiGJ

  • Ferad Feradov
  • 18:50 31.08.2015

You can make whatever T-shirt you want at http://www.shirtinator.eu/

  • Green
  • 11:38 01.09.2015


  • JayWils
  • 20:48 01.09.2015

I know someone who designs clothes but i cant remember where the factory is

  • manojdasari67
  • 09:40 02.09.2015


  • chanakya69
  • 21:05 04.09.2015

You can post it on ebay.com

  • Panagiotis Ipo
  • 09:56 05.09.2015
  • Correct

This inquiry will be re posted in the future with a bigger reward.

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