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  • 10:26 08.08.2017
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How to get taxed for my crypto income?(European Union)

I want to make a dropshipping eshop that will accept only altcoins.Have i to pay taxes or altcoins aren 't money but goods?

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22 Answers

  • Zenzolina
  • 12:04 08.08.2017

Cryptocurrency is not considered to be money by EU regulations therefore you are not required to pay any taxes. Best regards.

  • okrodri
  • 19:04 08.08.2017
There is some info about taxes for bitcoin and I suppose it applies to all cryptocurrency. If I have to give my opinion, I believe you won't need to pay taxes. Good luck!

  • BQuinnTrotter
  • 20:46 08.08.2017

Acording to the EU at this moment in time, it is not considered to be a true currency
and there are no taxes to be paid

However, a great deal of effort is being put into it being taxable, and then attempt to regulate digital currencies and exchanges. (Ie various policies imposed on exchanges and) wallet providers

  • Davidgerits
  • 05:02 09.08.2017

if you are going to exchange the crypto currency to euros they could see it as money laundering so you should start a legitimate company with your income being how much you make in euros. if you keep the crypto currency on the other hand, they can't ask you to pay any taxes because you aren't making real money.
hope this helps ;)

  • abdu
  • 17:39 09.08.2017

You don't need to pay taxes for any crypto currency. Cryptocurrency is a free and open source currency that answers to no middle man/Government

  • Homegarg12
  • 21:46 10.08.2017

No you don't need to pay any taxes as the amount in altcoins must be the final amount.

  • Nirzak
  • 12:45 13.08.2017

Cryptocurrencies are online encrypted currencies and all transactions are encrypted.So,No tax will be applicable.In fact Noone knows the real identity of senders here.So,You are not required to pay a any texes here.

  • paraleonline
  • 17:28 13.08.2017

For the EU, the Wild West days of bitcoin are over. 2017 will be the year of bitcoin regulation and taxation during which individuals need information and caution.

  • rash
  • 18:15 13.08.2017

Tru exchanges and wallet providers, coz they are easier to detect and to regulate, hope this helps

  • Carobtc
  • 18:24 13.08.2017

Hi, you have not pay taxes whith altcoin

  • Airing
  • 02:16 14.08.2017

No you don't have to pay any taxes.

  • tino1971
  • 06:39 15.08.2017

for germany law as far as i know, if you exchange bitcoin into euro within 1 year then must pay tax. if more than 1 year then tax free. I think in general if fiat not involved in your business then no need to pay tax. Final suggestion is to ask more info at your local tax afministration office which will be the official answer.

  • 3derp5you
  • 20:07 15.08.2017

No, you do not have to pay any taxes to the EU. You might have to pay them to your country, but a quick Google search should help you out.

  • ljr
  • 16:37 19.08.2017

As of now, there is no general EU taxation for cryptocurrencies and specifically Denmark is the only country in EU officially declared all block chain cryptocurrencies are tax-free.

  • pntec12
  • 19:20 21.08.2017

it is 0 tax

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