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What is the cheapest way to get PMP and Prince 2 Certification in Australia?

Hello everyone,
I am looking to get either PMP or Prince 2 Certification in Australia were i reside.
Can you please find me the cheapest option available? Thx..

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8 Answers

  • lastedguide
  • 16:09 30.07.2020

In general try to get used an online books to study. Ebay has a lot of books to use. Also try to get copies of practice exams. There are also some good online courses.

  • cringecan
  • 20:23 30.07.2020

Dude, it is very important that you get a certificate from quality places. I have compiled 2 for you.



There is a choice of $ 275, you are studying for 32 hours.


https://www.greycampus.com/blog/project-management/prince2-vs-pmp-how-to-choose-the-right-credential-for-your-project-management-care is

You can find all the things in it I don't need to write


  • exsemkid
  • 17:15 31.07.2020

A Lecture in Project management should give you a better direction

  • Garcia Kihonda
  • 02:07 02.08.2020

Comply with the required requirements, study and schedule the exam at a Regulatory Institute. In this way the costs will be reduced.

  • mervis04
  • 08:02 02.08.2020

lo más recomendable es hacer los dos cursos, ya que la certificación PMP tiene que ver con el conocimiento y las habilidades que son necesarias para el éxito en la gestión y ejecución de proyectos, mientras que la certificación PRINCE2 se centra principalmente en el marco y los procesos para ejecutar con éxito un proyecto. Se trata de aprendizajes complementarios y el estudio de ambos enfoques puede ayudar a convertirse en uno de los profesionales de gestión de proyectos más buscados.

  • Levaein
  • 23:10 03.08.2020

try this website

  • Iaarondale
  • 20:45 04.08.2020

Don't rush in getting such certificate . You need what you can present and it must be genuine.
Like it was said , the regulatory body is responsible for that , and you must possess certification from educational level before proceeding

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