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What is the cheapest way to get PMP and Prince 2 Certification in Australia?

Hello everyone,
I am looking to get either PMP or Prince 2 Certification in Australia were i reside.
Can you please find me the cheapest option available? Thx..

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22 Answers

  • Roger Philips
  • 12:16 10.05.2020

You can read the book, get copies of practice exams and then arrange to just do the Exam.
This will only work if you learn easily from a book and it is really important you do lots of exam practice with current exam styles. The exams have a very specific styles.

Also you could get an online instructor LED training. You can also find the pre-recorded video as well on many websites, but they are not that much good as part of the learning process. Whereas in instructor LED training, you have a live trainer and class. You Can ask questions and resolution will be provided immediately. You can interact with the trainer in real-time. Classroom training is a bit costlier than online training, also you have to manage your schedule. In online training, you have flexible timings, get training from home or workplace.

  • kerwen11
  • 13:21 10.05.2020

i dont have any idea sorry(

  • Alutabumbum
  • 02:19 11.05.2020

You can browse about it and am pretty sure you will have what you are looking for

  • kjhgrft
  • 12:26 11.05.2020


  • Rosse23
  • 22:41 11.05.2020

I don't now sorry

  • [email protected]
  • 09:34 12.05.2020

If you are opting for an online Prince2 course, your training component cost in Prince2 certification cost can be as low as under $300 for a Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner Certification exams bundle. In these, you can get access to the entire course for a year. While some training providers offer for even under $60 if you want to finish within a month. On an average, the Foundation exam could be around $900 but you inevitably save on the Prince2 certification cost if you take the training bundle for both Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner Certification exams.

If you are thinking of a classroom Prince training, then your Prince2 certification cost may be around $1000. Some of these Prince2 courses include the cost of the Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner Certification exams. Therefore, take the Prince2 certification cost into account when evaluating the Prince2 training. In addition to this consider the extent of course coverage, flexibility and the bundled services provided to save on the Prince2 Certification cost.

  • MasBro
  • 04:03 13.05.2020

I found 1 for you Check this out

Why Tanner James?

Tanner James offers PRINCE2 training that is flexible and provides post-course support that is focussed on practical application in the workplace.

We have a unique offering that equips you with everything to give you the best chance at implementing PRINCE2 in your workplace, find out more by looking at the specific courses below. Tanner James offers public or tailored fully accredited PRINCE2 in-house training at levels to suit your requirements.
PRINCE2 Qualifications
There are currently three qualifications available for PRINCE2

PRINCE2 Foundation
PRINCE2 Practitioner
PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner
There is also the Nationally Recognised Vocational Qualification "Diploma of Project Management" available.

Tanner James PRINCE2® course options include:

  • alexrojas
  • 20:02 15.05.2020


  • Leodis
  • 08:24 16.05.2020

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  • vuqar
  • 15:57 29.05.2020

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  • Gokil75
  • 19:35 01.06.2020

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  • David56T
  • 18:52 03.06.2020


  • tuanfazli
  • 01:10 05.06.2020


  • arianrxxx
  • 19:18 08.06.2020

Work for it

  • alsuy
  • 16:19 09.06.2020


  • Couchy
  • 00:49 16.06.2020


  • cngzei
  • 11:41 24.06.2020

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  • evanshaze
  • 11:01 26.06.2020

A virtual training led by an live instructor and access to recordings of all sessions. This is hard to miss.

  • MaulanaBirru
  • 16:39 01.07.2020


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