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Category: Fashion

Where i can find this home decore?

Where i can buy this home decore ? would be good shipping from latvia or poland.

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21 Answers

  • OSIRO89
  • 14:37 07.07.2017
  • Correct

The thing you've got to do is to find a Printing shop .This material is canvas.
You must find the specific design maquets on the Internet in High resolution
and then you have to print 4 canvas at the size you want

  • OladeleIbitomi
  • 15:09 07.07.2017

You can find this in wall paper shop I saw something similar to this it has Saturn picture on it

  • 17:33 07.07.2017


  • Taranuna
  • 03:24 08.07.2017

https://readysetdecor.com/products/mans-best-friend-panel-painting this is the location selling this kinds of canvases

  • cri
  • 10:06 08.07.2017

You could find lots of amazing outer space decor here. You could choose what color and size you want that could fit and blend well in your interior. Price is indicated and shipped usually within 2-3 days. Just click the link. Happy shopping. https://www.greatbigcanvas.com/category/space/?gclid=CjwKEAjwhYLLBRDIjoCu0te4niASJAC0V4QPcG_4VSY_KLxHeIaOKdXCWUVFS9TLN3a33A2e_l5yqRoC66bw_wcB

  • zinokhedri
  • 11:57 08.07.2017

can you this hom decore in american

  • A1berkz
  • 13:08 08.07.2017

I am pretty sure that that was printed off by the person who has it, not bought. You can buy this : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0176GY1I2?psc=1 it's pretty similar.

  • Murat Çelebi
  • 15:44 08.07.2017

http://www.evidea.com/kanvas-tablolar/c/103865 this is canvas you can found in amazon also

  • michael11242000
  • 21:06 08.07.2017

you can try searching on lazada

  • ashinaro1213
  • 10:27 09.07.2017

Hi there! You can purchase very similar home decors here, they deliver to Poland:

  • JieJie
  • 06:18 10.07.2017

see 1st for the malls .. and then search in google ..

  • Puneet Sangwan
  • 07:15 10.07.2017

you can get this at https://www.urbanladder.com

  • Help1029384756
  • 14:23 10.07.2017

i found this one on amazon, check it out: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0176GY1I2?psc=1

  • Fathergorgi
  • 15:30 10.07.2017

You can buy a canvas and then take it to a printing shop. Usaually they can do something like this for a pretty cheap price.

  • RaviKumarGautam
  • 16:55 10.07.2017

you can on paytm app

  • rlfsant
  • 17:07 10.07.2017

Pode enviar para uma gráfica e eles imprimem no tamanho desejado.

  • RuRu
  • 19:31 10.07.2017

As everyone has been saying, this looks pretty bespoke. There's a British company called Adagio Interiors who specialise in these types of canvas prints.

The above example is an 'Offset Canvas' & you find similar space prints here:


Hope that helps!

  • PrinceTiwari
  • 21:49 10.07.2017


  • Jaykob Detar
  • 00:45 11.07.2017

I got you, you can get this exact piece here https://www.tiaracle.com/products/earth-view-from-asteroid-in-space-4-piece-canvas

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