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Category: Tech/Web

Looking for an old TV AD about a drink (Possibly a whiskey) that used to play on TV in the 90s.

I remember it was showing 3 men on their way to work that were always in the same train wagon without exchanging a word.

Then it shows the oldest one standing up and introducing himself with the following words if I recall correctly:

<<Gentlemen my name is ... I am retiring tomorrow and I wanted you to know my name.... >>

Then he disembarked of the train and the 2 younger men look at each other and introduce themselves and shake hands.

If you can find it the rewards will be yours.


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6 Answers

  • yfcpe
  • 12:09 23.05.2020

Johnnie Walker Blue Label presents: Jude Law in 'The Gentleman's Wager'


  • farag308
  • 12:40 23.05.2020


  • KS
  • 15:53 23.05.2020

I remember there was FIASCO, but I don't find it's ad. Here is one collection on youtube


  • archtdaryl
  • 09:56 24.05.2020


try this

  • bmw
  • 04:21 25.05.2020


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