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Category: Tech/Web

Looking for a program/site to put multiple coordinates and draw a diagram on a google map.

Hello all,

Saw I have an old map {the one that you see} and some coordinates.

Looking for a program/site that I can put multiple coordinates to draw the diagram on an up to date Google Map.

I have 14 X,Y coordinates

X [ 21 1968.68 ] Y [ 425191.18]
X [211930.22 ] Y [4251623.23 ]


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7 Answers

  • ltp221219
  • 00:27 12.02.2020

https://mapline.com, https://batchgeo.com, 2 dif options..

  • Selorm3003
  • 01:04 12.02.2020

https://grass.osgeo.org/, https://qgis.org/

  • BugsBunny
  • 05:25 12.02.2020


this is online with the argis system. most the state gov are using this, piece meal has started with county/state already running a "modified by locals" map, and linked through the.gov website. the BLM uses this mapping for all government land management. its free to public use. they do try and sell you though. but anything with the GIS in the name same data base network.

  • JosiahD
  • 17:23 14.02.2020


  • Jhnnybastard
  • 17:47 15.02.2020


  • commoner
  • 18:53 17.02.2020

https://www.google.com/mymaps create a random polygon with 14 points, Export it, check "Export as KML instead of KMZ."
Modify the coordinates with a Text Editor, then add a layer and import it again.


  • Bitfortip: Hello, so the coordinates that I have are incompatible with google earth? I assume they are using a different system? How can I convert them?
  • hakan tuna
  • 17:52 21.02.2020

https://mapline.com, https://batchgeo.com

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