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Category: Tech/Web

Looking for a clear close up image of North Korea's gaming console called Moranbong

Please provide me a link.


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16 Answers

  • PatientPain
  • 03:16 17.06.2020


Try looking for:
Subor G80
Cdragon Cassidy G80

  • lemarlawson
  • 18:55 20.06.2020

I love the movie show

  • hodl13348
  • 15:57 21.06.2020

The Moranborg console is actually just a Cdragon Cassidy G80 under a different name. The link is: https://aliexpress.ru/item/32657660687.html

You can use Google Translate to translate this page from Russian to English.

  • Waiter
  • 12:00 02.07.2020

What kind of picture resolution are you looking for?

  • Phoenix90
  • 17:50 28.07.2020

very good

  • cheri181
  • 00:26 29.07.2020


I cannot find better than this. You can scroll through the page to find out the right option.

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