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Category: Tech/Web

Looking to buy again this wall clock

After many years the colors have faded and the hands don't work anymore.
Whoever can find it will earn the reward.


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6 Answers

  • kiiredautod2
  • 18:46 19.05.2020

Seems like its a handcraft clock, dont think you can buy that everywhere, but you can make it yourself.

  • Sukh
  • 11:21 20.05.2020

It looks like someone have made this clock himself and if it a peace of an art then you should buy it because true art doesn’t have a price tag and not everyone can afford it.

  • salib92
  • 22:08 21.05.2020

es un reloj artesanal, conseguir uno nuevo es un poco difícil, te recomendaría mandarlo a restaurar ya que tienes la pieza completa y aun se pueden apreciar los colores aunque un poco tenues, pero al conocer la gama de colores al artesano lo podra recrear con mas exactitud.

  • Soph
  • 00:01 22.05.2020


  • gokhan1984
  • 08:41 23.05.2020

Ayn? de?il ama benzer;


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