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  • f8n00
  • 14:31 29.08.2017
  • English
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Category: Fashion

Buy Nike (Europe) egift cards with Bitcoins

Please, don't write paxful or localbitcoins, i want legit site, i have found so far but it's for UK (i don't trust it very much)

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53 Answers

  • abdu
  • 15:11 29.08.2017

Got a site for ya, it's called spendabit. Here's the link:


  • f8n00: Not US.... only Europe
  • abdu: That's all I got, sorry
  • Adekunle Smog Adeyemi
  • 15:45 29.08.2017


  • f8n00: This is only for US, i want for Europe
  • Shadow241
  • 16:02 29.08.2017,gift_cards


  • f8n00: lol, i want to buy with Bitcoins
  • arisch888
  • 19:34 29.08.2017

Hi, try this:


  • f8n00: Read description
  • xerxes
  • 19:38 29.08.2017

Here you go... You can buy in bitcoin and use the egift card on the Nike website


  • f8n00: This is only for US, i want for Europe
  • Brabia
  • 20:15 29.08.2017

buy gift cards using bitcoin in Europe..

kindly click on the link for more info


  • f8n00: Didn't find it there.....
  • erafacus
  • 21:19 29.08.2017

the best site i got so far


  • f8n00: Are you for real? Please don't spam and read description.....
  • iyah
  • 01:14 30.08.2017 try it here


  • f8n00: I want to buy with bitcoins, not debit card....
  • adeyemitobi
  • 02:26 30.08.2017

go to you'll get it there


  • f8n00: Egifter has for US only, i want for Europe....
  • segunjoseph
  • 03:17 30.08.2017

Go to it's a retail site for wears and outfit they also accept various crypto currencies


  • f8n00: lol, read the description.
  • Esteban
  • 05:05 30.08.2017

Aquí está el enlace:


  • f8n00: This is only for US, i want for Europe
  • ovhi
  • 12:13 30.08.2017 want to buy it with bitcoins

  • kutsuky
  • 13:08 30.08.2017

This is a good one


  • f8n00: Egifter has for US only, i want for Europe.
  • Edgard
  • 17:26 30.08.2017


  • mango091
  • 21:35 30.08.2017

You can use to get a virtual debit card which can be refilled with Bitcoin, and you can use it as a normal debit card online to buy a Nike gift card.


  • f8n00: Yes, i know, but it's not what i'm looking for.
  • hhuunnaak
  • 22:57 30.08.2017
This site is a good one


  • f8n00: Read the description
  • AmrShamma
  • 12:57 31.08.2017

try this


  • f8n00: I want for Europe...... not US
  • Cloudymonkeys
  • 13:35 31.08.2017 works


  • f8n00: Works for US......NOT EUROPE
  • Mirza1189
  • 14:16 31.08.2017

Hello Dear f8n00 !

Well I have tried my best to find out such a source over Internet where you could find your gift cards (Nike) against your bitcoin in your country.
Check out the given below sites and also explore them as you own.

1. Check out " " and also check "".
2. (This is actually a Wallet from which you can spend your bitcoin is many countries; you must give it a try)
3. (This one is also a site from where you can spend your bitcoin for buying etc; you should also give it a try).

I am hopeful that you will get some kind of help from these sites.
Have a nice LUCK !


  • f8n00: Thanks but i;m looking to buy Nike egift (for Europe) card with bitcoins
  • Boomfad
  • 23:01 31.08.2017

Try www.bitcoinsales.en


  • f8n00: invalid site
  • GemPunk
  • 04:49 01.09.2017

Hello fn800

There a lot of way you can use it...
You can Easily Sell Some of you bitcoin through here.


Its 100% Legit and Safe...
You Should Use Tor Browser, In Order to Make it There.

  • Ahsan_weed
  • 13:23 01.09.2017
Here you go sir.


  • f8n00: I want for Europe...... not US
  • Michael Gruver
  • 19:59 01.09.2017

purchase products from Amazon using bitcoins & also help you save up to 25%.

You can do this with

Purse is a popular tool used for many things:

Exchange Amazon gift cards for bitcoins.
Purchase products from Amazon using bitcoins.
Get discounts on purchases from Amazon.
In the past, I have used to earn bitcoins in exchange for Amazon gift cards.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use Purse to order any product from Amazon & save money. The only thing that you need to have with you are your bitcoins. If you don’t own bitcoins yet, you can purchase them from one of these places:

India: Unocoin, Coinsecure, Zebpay
USA: CoinBase, GoCelery
Europ:, Bitstamp, Bitbay
Nigeria: Naireax
China: BTCC


  • f8n00: Not what i'm looking for.......
  • Raijin
  • 05:51 02.09.2017

7 plases to buy gift cards


  • f8n00: I didn't find it there....
  • kimrmac
  • 19:10 04.09.2017


  • f8n00: these egift cards are in $, they must be in euro or pounds
  • HassanKhawaldeh
  • 16:33 05.09.2017 it's the right website to buy Nike shoes


  • f8n00: Read the description
  • NicholasWoodley
  • 00:10 06.09.2017


  • f8n00: Read the description
  • Carlos Lemus
  • 14:31 06.09.2017

Ive been tryna figure out what you mean by European, Are you saying if the cards value shoes dollar or something other than European than it is only usable in that denominations corresponding country?
If not tho take a look at the one I posted above.


  • f8n00: If a had a egift card (Nike) in $, i can't redeem the card on and ship it to my Country (Greece), the card must be in EURO or POUNDS (£)
  • abobody
  • 05:10 07.09.2017

this one sir


  • f8n00: I can't buy it with bitcoins
  • mahmoud.dolaty
  • 17:13 08.09.2017

Try this


  • f8n00: They don't accept Bitcoin as Payment
  • JamesBarber
  • 14:21 09.09.2017


  • f8n00: This site works only for US not Europe
  • Doye
  • 15:43 09.09.2017


  • f8n00: Don't spam.......Read the description
  • Mayega
  • 21:51 12.09.2017

you Will get it from here


  • f8n00: These cards are in $, they don't work in Europe. They must have euro or pounds
  • andy39
  • 19:26 15.09.2017


  • f8n00: Read description
  • Mhuii
  • 22:51 15.09.2017 contact them they will provide for you, but not sure if they are accepting bitcoin.


  • f8n00: It's only for companies....
  • Mhuii: How much exactly are you going to buy? I got another method that you can use. You can either buy from supplier an prepaid card or ask them if they can supply you Nike gift cards that can be used in EU That's the only way I guess it's hard to find Nike EU seller. I hope it helps. Good Luck!
  • JorgeSanchezCruz
  • 03:12 20.09.2017

  • Vicho
  • 22:18 01.10.2017

Wow, is incredible! its something incredible!

  • Ervisen
  • 13:25 05.10.2017

Try here

  • Chartram
  • 04:48 09.10.2017

Found them on

  • juancruzver123
  • 08:12 24.10.2017


  • fabrissio286
  • 20:59 26.10.2017

Very nice pictures ....

  • proliqing
  • 20:48 31.10.2017

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  • cristian198312
  • 01:16 01.11.2017

  • tomaszu10
  • 11:52 02.11.2017 Najlepsza strona!

  • campirano
  • 17:51 09.11.2017

la mejor presentación

  • sergiy
  • 09:35 12.11.2017


  • MaisieEmerson
  • 12:51 18.11.2017


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