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  • lukahr
  • 16:27 09.06.2016
  • English
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I want to find faceless LEDs built-in watch under 100$

Digital numbers don't need to be exactly like the ones in the picture, but it shoudl be made of stainless steel, color of digits is not relevant to me.
Preferable color of the wrist band, dark steel.

This question is no longer open.

3 Answers

  • TBZ1
  • 20:19 09.06.2016


  • lukahr: None of these ship to my location. Amazon and Overstock are excluded for this item.
  • TBZ1: Thanks for NOT specifying your location in order to waste everyone's time.
  • lukahr: TBZ1 I can't edit anything once it is posted. If I could find this so easily on Amazon and Overstock I wouldn't post it in here.
  • Wokos
  • 12:43 10.06.2016 this should do.


  • lukahr: Snapdeal is only for the Indians, I am from Europe.
  • boynana
  • 13:48 10.06.2016
  • Correct
here, it's $10


  • lukahr: Fabulous! Thank you!

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