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  • mobnepal
  • 22:28 24.09.2017
  • English
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Category: Tech/Web

Find me the cheapest social media shop.

Recently, I found a social media shop and one of their service is they sell real-looking fake twitter followers for 0.3$ or 70k+ satoshis per one thousand followers.

Find me cheaper than that and they must accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

Well, they are not necessarily to accept Bitcoin as a payment method...

Oh, and they must be a legit or reputable website, though.

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19 Answers

  • JarrodCronin
  • 12:13 25.09.2017

Hey what's up I'll tell you how to get 2000 real followers every 3 hours. It's not as easy as just using the website.

The site is
what you do is go to the website and press start he'll ask you to access your app section press yes to give it access and then wait there because it will start getting you followers it will tell you when it is done so don't press the stop button.

when it tells you that it's done go to your Twitter page on your profile and delete the post that made where it says get followers. Then go to settings and go to the app section press revoke access under the app that you gave access to previously.

this will stop the program from Auto posting to your account saying get followers. This will get you about 100 followers every hour that you go to the site because the site works every hour.

there are a few sites like this but I can't find them on Google right now and I think they are all owned by the same person so if you find those three other sites like that site then you'll be able to get about 2,000 followers a day if you use all the sites and do the steps that I showed you.

they are real followers to they're all from different countries though.

  • Jason12
  • 12:45 25.09.2017

SocialShop: Buy Followers, Likes, Comments, Views

  • dredoll
  • 16:11 25.09.2017

  • Mayega
  • 04:59 26.09.2017

hello I prefer this. go here select your choice and then buy package using paypal.

  • Leklaw
  • 14:04 26.09.2017

  • khayeee
  • 22:56 26.09.2017

look at lazada

  • anything
  • 05:02 27.09.2017

Hi dear...please check out you will find a lot of stuff in a very low price...i my self tried it, i bought mountain bike and a watch..

  • wel
  • 06:14 02.10.2017

try alibaba or amazon

  • Kingpossum
  • 08:36 02.10.2017

try this

  • samrat89
  • 14:43 02.10.2017 and also try in alibaba or amazon thanks

  • Fairy
  • 09:43 03.10.2017

Earn real money online by working as a part time job easily, earn up to 2500$ dollars weekly guranteed join link at

  • orloki
  • 14:13 03.10.2017

In my opinion the best choice for you would be to use the plusfollower service:

  • yamen
  • 01:56 07.10.2017


  • dcarloscj
  • 18:31 07.10.2017

  • ArDragH
  • 19:21 07.10.2017

  • Andztjir
  • 13:59 10.10.2017

Follow4Follow was pretty good and it offers free followers

  • GamingWithOmarD
  • 14:22 11.10.2017

  • Ansari
  • 12:26 13.10.2017

  • SVM
  • 19:24 13.10.2017

try you get in cheap

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