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Category: Fashion

How much is this Rolex worth?

Hi all,

So below are some details that might help you find it, as I couldn't match it with the identical version that you see in the photo.


J 455

62523 H14

It was bought I think sometime in the 70s. It has some damage on the glass e.t.c

If you can find me an identical with a price tag you will get the reward.


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8 Answers

  • enesmavis
  • 17:29 14.06.2020

maybe 100 usd


  • secmaster93: We are talking about Rolex, BRO.
  • Savage002
  • 18:53 14.06.2020

Here you go. This is probaly what you've been looking for.
It says sold but you'll get the price for it


  • secmaster93: Close enough, color is different and probably from another decade, serial.
  • Johnzi
  • 19:54 14.06.2020

As from $10,260


  • secmaster93: Where did you see that?
  • jaffihjones
  • 21:12 14.06.2020

Going for $19,176.11 on https://www.hushhush.com/watches/rolex/vintage-rolex/rolex-vintage-gmt-master-1675/


  • secmaster93: Closest so far. Almost identical..
  • Miss Mike
  • 21:15 14.06.2020
  • Correct

Good morning, first, don't even bother getting or finding a new one. Go to the official website and have a rolex dealer send back to the Swiss factory to get it refurbished. It is an early 'datejust' and should be handled by a company expediter. Don't allow anyone else to touch it. It is close to priceless in it's current state. Otherwise you will find anything else a scam.


  • secmaster93: Hi, I've just searched the term 'datejust' and it took me to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48HtDB1c-bc . Really nice information. I agree with your advice, it might be better to get it straight to an official Rolex dealer for refurbish first where they will provide me also with the official paperwork.
  • notchu
  • 21:20 14.06.2020

going from 20$

  • cryptotradelive
  • 12:20 15.06.2020


  • bedirozer
  • 13:28 15.06.2020

4000 USD

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