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What European online store is the best to sell used audio equipment?

I have a used Sennheiser ME 102 lavalier mic. professional quality. Looking to sell for 200 Euros. what's the best online store in Europe where I can post it?

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9 Answers

  • Jackkash
  • 11:53 21.09.2018

Obviously You should perform a bid at Ebay .
Ebay is the best platform for selling the used and new products as less chance of scam due to being ebay as a intermediate between buyer and seller. So do it on ebay.
Hope you like my answer .

  • Chrisdako
  • 14:29 21.09.2018
  • Correct

Ebay is a Great Choice or https://www.sweetwater.com/used/ ,because their specialized for selling used audio equipment for musicians
Or you can choose https://vintageking.com/trade
Hopefully that helps you out ;)


  • RafaelR.Hauxley: both of these suggestions are great, thanks!
  • bitboss
  • 22:28 21.09.2018

Amazon has been of great help to me..so i would recommend that for you...

  • visionreal
  • 01:56 22.09.2018


  • M.K Rash
  • 02:54 22.09.2018

Aldi or Tesco are European , Amazon or eBay are international

  • almhn
  • 11:26 22.09.2018

Ebay's the bets.
I think it's the most convenient way to get what you need in short notice and it makes a direct connection between the consumer and the seller.

  • aandresl
  • 12:40 22.09.2018

Alibaba and Ebay.

  • jobkuria
  • 12:48 22.09.2018


  • srikk
  • 13:15 22.09.2018

amazon is the best

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