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Looking for the lowest priced brand new OR refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for Verizon in the Silver color.

Hi, I'm am looking for the lowest priced brand new OR refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for Verizon in the Silver color. I'd prefer for it not to be unlocked, but I'd also consider an unlocked phone if the price is right. So far, this is the best I could find and it's an open box return that's unlocked. http://www.n1wireless.com/samsung-galaxy-s7-sm-g930v-32gb-smartphone-verizon-unlocked-silver-titanium.html?fee=4&fep=3444&gclid=Cj0KEQjw9IS-BRC4qZXagbLs6uMBEiQAYHBh-72C4gO9ax0qHll0_Gj9Wcf5EBtBFxUXqTLM_DIYv5waAhkF8P8HAQ

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11 Answers

  • ebitcoin
  • 21:38 27.08.2016



  • bdvenuti7: Would've been perfect, but I'm on Verizon.
  • bdvenuti7: Oops, sorry, disregard that, it was supposed to be the response to someone else, my bad.
  • jays4655
  • 00:06 28.08.2016

just watch this


  • bdvenuti7: Ha, I wonder what the odds actually are of getting one with him?
  • Ryan Bruce
  • 17:57 28.08.2016
  • Correct

As of this post, you can get a mint condition S7 Edge for $499 here, and used for as cheaply as $425 in silver (the seller has 418 ratings)


I have used Swappa in the past to buy my Nexus 7 tablet and was 100% happy with the results. They're quite good about avoiding fraud.


  • bdvenuti7: I'm giving you the victory here...can't believe I've never heard of this site until you just mentioned it. Good call!!
  • Faim
  • 19:14 29.08.2016

Please check for only US $197.50


  • bdvenuti7: Sorry, I use CDMA, I'm on Verizon.
  • rishab2019
  • 13:27 30.08.2016

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-SM-G925V-32GB-Gold-Platinum-Verizon-Smartphone-/112106411442?hash=item1a1a1015b2:g:imkAAOSwU-pXqk0w SEE THIS! u will get your answer buddy.


  • bdvenuti7: I wish that was for the S7, I'd hop on that in a heartbeat!!!

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