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Category: Fashion

Looking for a same design brooch.

Antique bought many decades ago.

If same can't be found, the closest design will earn the NANO reward.

Must ship to Europe.


This question is no longer open.

6 Answers

  • nicehelper
  • 13:32 27.01.2020

This is the closest I could find:


Hope it helps you!

  • dargor
  • 22:12 09.02.2020

This https://www.pinterest.at/pin/46373071134525117/# appears to be the same brooch, and says it's from https://www.bentley-skinner.co.uk/. There are no similar brooches on there now.

The black gems look like garnets. This one looks similar in that sense: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ANTIQUE-EDWARDIAN-SOLID-GOLD-BOHEMIAN-GARNET-FLOWER-BROOCH-PIN-3-1g/312985893612?hash=item48df69baec:g:FnkAAOSw1nVePxX5

This has the berries and leaves, but not the diamonds. https://www.1stdibs.com/jewelry/brooches/brooches/schiaparelli-berry-branch-brooch/id-v_1271923/

This is the closest I could find, but it was sold - you could get in touch with the company: https://www.antiquejewellerycompany.com/shop/edwardian-9ct-gold-garnet-natural-split-pearls-flower-spray-brooch/

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