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  • Balema
  • 19:40 29.12.2017
  • English
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Category: Fashion

Looking for these Ciocca slippers...

Because the photo it is not good the slippers are not very long but at the ankle. I don’t mind if you find them at other color except from the white. I want to be able to order them online from Europe to Greece at size 40-42. Thank you in advance!

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25 Answers

  • Elegion
  • 01:25 30.12.2017

These weren't easy to find. But I found you a store in Europe that sells this brand and can deliver to your location. Happy shopping...


  • Balema: Thank you for your answer Elegion but they only have the white version that I don’t want.
  • Balema: And the code that I want is 482u, the one that you gave me is for 475u.
  • MoKeiichi
  • 23:20 30.12.2017

This probably won't help you but is still interesting.. I've found an online shop, claiming to have just those slippers. Its URL contains mtpbc - sorry, won't post the complete URL, since it is clearly a scam. According to whois it is registered to some guy in Germany, with an address and phone number which doesn't really exist. I've informed the proper authorities (i.e. publicdomainregistry and cloudflare) that this domain doesn't have proper contact details and most probably is fraud. I actually doubt that would do that guy any harm, but hey, at least it's been fun doing research for nothing. :-)


  • Balema: Thank you for your answer, I have found it before and I didn’t ordered them because I agree it is clearly a scam. They even don’t charge at all expenses for the transport!!!
  • Kardooma Boras
  • 03:42 31.12.2017

This is the main supply in Italy and they are currently out of stock but you can contact them for more info about when they will be in stock again and good luck:


  • Balema: Thank you for your answer but I found them directly to their site to Italy and they haven’t answered me yet, even that days passed!
  • ernestomatheus1
  • 02:31 01.01.2018

so quit


  • Balema: Thank you for your advice.
  • MarekMynarczyk
  • 09:17 02.01.2018

Hello. U found those ones but they are out of stock so u may need to contact the seller about those

  • Shagariboy
  • 10:42 02.01.2018

You can order from this site.

  • pipo
  • 19:06 02.01.2018 aqui lo puedes encontrar

  • Ducaux
  • 04:47 03.01.2018

hi[A:pantuflas de lana]

  • danielguerra_98
  • 22:58 05.01.2018

ordena otro color

  • xenon12
  • 05:36 06.01.2018

en que tu may mamahuevo

  • darop88
  • 17:10 06.01.2018

Never give up :)

  • lulhoe
  • 14:02 08.01.2018

I found about 4 sites where u can buy these here’s 1 but not english just translate for purchase:

  • Saro17
  • 19:41 10.01.2018

You may try in Zara

  • buttly
  • 21:29 12.01.2018

These weren't easy to find. But I found you a store in Europe that sells this brand and can deliver to your location. Happy shopping..

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