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  • ChoczBtc
  • 19:53 27.10.2016
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Category: Tech/Web

where can i trade a Canadian amazon gift card for bitcoin without a card recipe

i tried paxful and localbtc already. i need the direct link for it for. not just the website.

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34 Answers

  • Acheg
  • 20:33 27.10.2016


  • ChoczBtc: acheg, thanks but i need a direct link..... to change the card to bitcoin
  • Kristaps Kaupe
  • 23:41 27.10.2016


  • ChoczBtc: pls direct link........... thanks
  • sato4real
  • 01:43 28.10.2016

Kindly visit:


  • 03:39 28.10.2016

you can find here =


  • ChoczBtc: i saw a cad but wont proceed after stage 3
  • liltech
  • 03:54 28.10.2016 Receipt not required.


  • ChoczBtc: thanks liltech, link helpful will mark answer as correct once am able to trade there. and will even give u extra btc.
  • shubh
  • 08:30 28.10.2016

You can use PurseIO trade your Amazon GC for bitcoin, also you can use your bitcoins to buy on Amazon to get upto 30% discount....WHAT IS PURSEIO?:Purse.IO(You will get 0.01 btc to use my link to sign up and spend/earn $50 or more): is a very reputed site in world of bitcoins, it is only site that allows us to spend bitcoins on Amazon to get upto 30% discount!



What you need?

Account on Amazon and Purse.IO

Credit card or Enough Amazon giftcard balance.

Now follow this steps:

Click on 'Earn',now you will see order book,choose order suitable to you.(Choose top orders to get better amount of bitcoins)

Add item to your cart from spenders wishlist,choose spenders address and complete payment method,then copy order number.

Come back to Purse.IO and add order number and then click complete order,From here you can chat with spender.

That's it now amazon will deliver spenders item and as soon as spender receive his item he will confirm his delivery and release escrow fund then you will receive your bitcoins.

How to spend bitcoins on Purse.IO?: Purse.IO is also a best place to spend your valuable bitcoins on amazon with 5% - 30% discount on any item. Here are steps to follow(for Name Your Discount)

Find the item on Amazon.

Add it to a your wishlist

Wishlist Settings:

Select your address carefully

Ensure the list is public.

Uncheck spoil my surprises.

Copy and paste the Amazon wishlist URL into purse to execute the buy.

Choose your discount (higher your discount lower chance of getting picked and take many days)

Wait patiently for the buyer to choose your order.

PRO TIPS 1) As a earner always choose orders at top orders from orderbook to get better amount of bitcoins and Please do check amount of bitcoins you get.

2) As a buyer try to choose less discount so buyer will pick your order 19% recommended, as exchange rate of your order are volatile until someone picks it.

3) Can't wait to get your order picked?.Choose Purse instant but it is only available for US users.

4) Need help to get started? contact Purse.IO here -> [email protected], there also a sub on reddit r/PurseIO for official + user support

5) Refer your friend to this site, when your referral spend/earn $50 or more both of you will get 0.01 btc (around $4 as per current btc rate)

  • Liew Yi Shen
  • 08:47 28.10.2016

  • zanwe123
  • 06:01 30.10.2016

get money

  • akticos
  • 16:15 30.10.2016

  • Wilson Rzz
  • 00:21 31.10.2016

It's gonna be difficult

  • ErRishabhSuperior
  • 19:29 02.11.2016

  • getman123
  • 02:18 04.11.2016

for reliable transaction

  • Govind
  • 17:07 04.11.2016


  • Ranjan Kumar Maji
  • 19:12 07.11.2016

not have any link

  • Xzmirkoxz
  • 07:58 18.11.2016

Gift change

  • juan
  • 17:27 18.11.2016

  • vakano
  • 04:01 25.11.2016


  • Obando Deivis
  • 05:26 27.11.2016

verifique Google por dudas

  • Edbriv
  • 21:24 29.11.2016

  • ridwanalagbala
  • 17:21 06.12.2016

  • Fahmida
  • 15:02 13.12.2016

trade in insta

  • jossy
  • 03:00 15.12.2016

  • heady
  • 10:16 15.12.2016

US & Canada,

  • DixieNormas
  • 09:38 11.01.2017


  • bigmannsgirl
  • 17:40 11.01.2017


  • Patricia VanHorn
  • 03:46 16.01.2017

you can't

  • haverty
  • 18:23 19.01.2017

Localbit has many card transfers aswell as trades from person to person almost like craigslist.

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