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HELP!!! URGENT!!!! Missing/Stolen .5 bitcoins, 10% reward to anyone who can help me get them back.

Hey everyone, I'm not sure, but I think I got hacked/have a virus on my Android phone... I just lost almost .5 btcs from my blockchain.info wallet and I have no idea what happened. I use 2FA for my wallet and also is required for any outgoing transactions. I also use a random password that's approximately 30 characters and is ONLY used for that wallet. It's like they got automatically withdrawn/sent to this random address...19WJGKpwYnW2SYKPLV5psSQjU8bewiEkQL. I don't know what to do, here is exactly what happened, you can easily verify the chain of events online. They were in address 1LMrshuK8GdJjukVrrbWkT9FUi4aCTvATe and were spent and automatically sent to address 19WJGKpwYnW2SYKPLV5psSQjU8bewiEkQL where they were spent and automatically sent to address 155M7TvBRww6WFdtGQgTYUH8DuLheNafCf where they are sitting right now and are unspent. I don't know what to do. The amount is .42365857 btcs and I seriously don't know what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Like I said in the title of this inquiry, I'm offering a 10% reward to any bitcoins you can successfully get back into my possession in addition to the tip on here (so up to .0423 btcs if you get the full amount back). Thanks everyone, any help is much appreciated.

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7 Answers

  • Jose E Diaz
  • 05:21 28.08.2016



  • bdvenuti7: Ok, I don't know what that is supposed to mean or how that helps. Ok, maybe I am missing something here or am just flat out dumb lol, but here, I'll go through exactly what happened in detail... So, I received the btcs into my wallet using my main address, was then prompted by the blockchain app to secure them in "My Bitcoin Wallet" a separate address, something that I don't usually do, but have done on occasion, with no issues, when I wasn't planning on sending the btcs out immediately. So, about two hours later, log back in to my wallet, no issues, all of the btcs are still right where I left them, I then clicked to send a transaction, chose the send from address, chose the send to address, was typing in the amount to be sent (and in the bottom right it had the usual accurate amount available to send minus the transaction fees), typed the amount to send, hit send, got the message "insufficient funds" or whatever their terminology for that is. Figured maybe for some reason the transaction fee got jacked up, so went, looked at the fee, confirmed it was right, went back, entered the amount again, same error message. Went back to the main page the wallet, total amount of btc is 0.00 btc. Freaked out for a sec, went and checked transactions and boom, right there, less than a minute prior my entire balance was sent to some random ass wallet address. One I've never seen before, and definitely not the one I put in on the transaction screen before I cancelled it out. So, I think that's every conceivable detail I can think of, hopefully that will help shed some light on the situation. And once again, all help here is much appreciated.
  • bitlibrospay
  • 09:52 28.08.2016

U have a blockchain?

  • hermesesus
  • 12:41 28.08.2016

Did you try to contact blockchain.info support?

I also see that you already sent 0.00008208 BTC to 19WJGKpwYnW2SYKPLV5psSQjU8bewiEkQL in june (2016-06-20):

I don't understand this: "was then prompted by the blockchain app to secure them in "My Bitcoin Wallet" a separate address"
Why would blockchain app ask you to send your BTC to another address? That's odd

  • SpiryX
  • 15:42 28.08.2016

I am sad to announce that your Bitcoins have been stolen.

The issue is how, correct?

Well yes you were correct yourself, you might, might have downloaded a fake or altered version of Blockchain.info wallet. From the year 2014 the address starting with 155MT7 has eating bitcoins. Its basically a BOT that stops the sending that you request and then sends the transaction to 155MT7 withing the next Bitcoin block found.

This issue has been noticed everywhere and the owner of that address is not known. Considering that he didn't moved any funds from long time, basically that one will become a burner address. Basically is like burning cash. But in Bitcoin world affects it as they are very scarce.

I am really sorry for your loss. Always be sure what you are downloading and keep protection software on your devices.

The refund cases in Bitcoin basically comes to the idea if the owner of the address is willing to do it.
For example also in case of stolen funds, you will have a lot to proof to other Bitcoin companies in order to help you with a refund. I am sorry I couldn't help more, then just bringing the bad news.

Best regards - MasterYang / Spiry

  • pandora09
  • 16:33 28.08.2016

я не знаю, что это значит и как это помогает

  • Findsomestuff
  • 18:01 28.08.2016

Your coins are gone and your not going to get them back. Unless you have access to either of those wallets then there gone. Support on the blockchain wont do anything.

TIP! Dont use a phone or windows when playing with bitcoins , use tails and operate over the tor network when moving any coins.

  • 13:40 29.08.2016
  • Correct

I think someone's found a website and tried to double there coins, or you pretty bad at security management. Found this to the address http://pastebin.com/mc5Xxk33

(Don't be stupid and try it people if it works you cant spend it)

But your coins are gone even if we find out who has them you can't make them give them back.
If do what many people do in this situation pit it down to a life lesson, brush up on your knowledge then buy more bitcoins.


  • bdvenuti7: Ahhhh, wtf man?!?!? Ok, well phewww, I'm not actually sure if that makes me feel any better or not, but at least that looks like a legitimate answer/reason as to why this happened and where exactly they went and ended up. I'm assuming that I was drunk or fucked up or something some night and must've came across that and thought "wow, this is got a great opportunity, I better save this to look at when I'm not all fucked up" and saved that wallet address in my wallet, figuring that I could use it on a rainy day to double up or something. But, I still don't understand how they got automatically sent out of my wallet to that address. Seeing as though I have done many transactions, and have never had it automatically get sent there, that's the part that still doesn't make sense to me. But, oh well, everybody has confirmed for me that they're definitely gone, so time to get back up, and make sure I don't make that mistake again. Where did you find that link by the way?

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