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Category: Tech/Web

Where can I buy a computer with BTC in Tokyo?

I am looking to buy a new Mac computer with Bitcoin in Tokyo. Where can I do this?

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6 Answers

  • HotPot
  • 12:11 25.06.2017

Go to www.gyft.com buy an amazon card with bitcoins then proceed to buying the mac with the card from amazon! It will be delivered to tokyo in no time.

  • Lihuel Gili
  • 20:39 25.06.2017
  • Correct

You can buy it in Bic Camera

  • PÊ€iÅ‹ce-oʆ MooÅ‹
  • 03:18 26.06.2017

Try Bic Camera or Bitflyer
Bic Camera is a major consumer electronics retail chain in Japan.
Bitflyer is the largest bitcoin exchange by volume.

  • Deep Shirude
  • 14:14 26.06.2017

Major consumer electronics retail chain in Japan is Bic Camera. And Larget bitcoin exchange volume wise is Bitflyer.

  • Arthur Arantes
  • 17:27 26.06.2017

Bic Camera is the best place to buy it.

  • fj2baptista
  • 17:43 26.06.2017

most go to the apple store in the nearest mall to you. They have 'genius'. They can help you to find the machine you want.

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