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Category: Tech/Web

Looking for accurate data for the Bitcoin price pump between 26 and 28 of July that drove it from 9.5K to 11K.

Looking for a detailed answer with accurate data for the following:

Largest buy order
Which exchange
Total volume
What buy order possible triggered it?

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9 Answers

  • lastedguide
  • 20:27 30.07.2020

You could try to look at https://messari.io/asset/bitcoin or https://cryptowat.ch/assets/btc

But that probably wont give you much data... I'm stumped -_-

  • Patrick Narayan
  • 11:41 31.07.2020

Hey there, I think this article might help you get an answer

  • carele11
  • 23:13 01.08.2020

Este artículo puede ser de mucha utilidad https://es.cointelegraph.com/news/why-bitcoin-suddenly-spiked-to-10-200-liquidating-75m-in-fast-rally


  • modifier
  • 09:45 03.08.2020

by reading the full chart n making analysis on it it came down in coming months if you want to invest just wait for short term....n than make the investment for the long term will definately give you a huge profit as u r expecting from your investment.

  • lampiao
  • 06:07 04.08.2020


  • manuels03
  • 11:59 04.08.2020

look this at https://messari.io/asset/bitcoin or https://cryptowat.ch/assets/btc

  • Kaio
  • 16:06 04.08.2020

Foram as baleias e o mercado de comerciantes que aderiram as criptomoedas.

  • lexur88
  • 21:11 04.08.2020

It is possible that the gold market has a lot to do with the cryptocurrency market, it is necessary to be very aware of the fluctuations of both

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