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EnglishCaptain tsubasa nes old game

Looking for this music in captain tsubasa super striker vol ll game 00:00 to 00:20. Video link :

Odaykh 2 weeks ago
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Roy Rogers 2 weeks ago
I believe that sound can be found here
Odaykh 2 weeks ago
No this is france team music
Robert Daniel 2 weeks ago
Belen 2 weeks ago
Firat3306 2 weeks ago
fered dered 2 weeks ago
I think you can find your music here
Odaykh 2 weeks ago
No bro it's hack music not original
dee 2 weeks ago
If you download the New Pipe app for android on Fdroid or Epic browser for Windows or Mac, you can download the music straight from your link.
Christian 2 weeks ago
you can find all the sounds for the scenes here:
adam 2 weeks ago
needledeedle 2 weeks ago

starting at 3:00
Gabriel Román 2 weeks ago
mohammadreza 2 weeks ago
have fun(;
Sziráki Tibor 2 weeks ago
joan 2 weeks ago
Ezekiel Esclamado 2 weeks ago
Try this links maybe you'll find it here.
Liga 2 weeks ago
Liga 2 weeks ago
behzad 2 weeks ago
Try this link maybe you'll find it here.
Umut 2 weeks ago 00:00 - 00:20
Richard Stricker 1 week ago
bring back memories 😁
Jethro Purisima 1 week ago
It is the Opposing Teams Pool Play theme
Rohit Singla 1 week ago
You will just use this

Copy and paste the link which you give in upper link
Susan 1 week ago
You can find all sounds on this site :
Yusuf ŞENAY 1 week ago
lujand271 1 week ago
A longplay is a play-through of a computer or video game, created with the intent of completing it as fully as possible, mainly for the purposes of nostalgia, preservation, and possibly as a walkthrough.
Sumeyye 1 week ago
Sumeyye 1 week ago
DERYA 1 week ago
Johan Fikandda 5 days ago
Jared Kang 5 days ago

here's the whole soundtrack
Shane 2 days ago
finally got an unanswered questions >)>)>)>) yeah I browsed and searched for it and got this
Fatih Yüce 10 hours ago 00:00 - 00:20