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EnglishLooking for additional data on today's BTC sell off.

A BTC whale sold 2,700 BTC which brought the market cap from 1.08 trillion down to 870 billion dollars. Perhaps a financial institution liquidated. Can you find me additional information about whales that sold and brought the price even lower, bots or retail noobs. large BTC movements to exchanges.... Dates raging from 21rd of February to 23rd of February.

serenity75 1 week ago
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mikah 1 week ago
Several factors seem to have triggered the latest bitcoin sell-off: the unwinding of leverage, especially in Asia; concerns that fewer buyers are coming into the market; and uncertainty about policies on cryptocurrencies from newly inaugurated President Joe Biden's administration, according to analysts and traders.
dee 1 week ago
Oleh 1 week ago
trendingtm 1 week ago
I hope this helps
Felix 1 week ago
Uncertainty about policies on cryptocurrencies from newly inaugurated President Joe Biden's administration, according to analysts and traders.
Abhay 1 week ago
One factor to look at is the market as a whole, you can see that all major Cryptocurrencies can red with negative double digits.
Except Cardano (ADA) which has reached its all time high and in terms of market capitalisation it is right now #3.
This is because of the recent announcement that the Mary protocol is confirmed for 1 March
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This will bring smart contracts to the Cardano Blockchain, therefore the price is going up. Many investors are flocking to convert from what they are holding to ADA in anticipation of that.
Richard Little 1 week ago
As with any investment, there will be ups and downs. But here, its well worth the wait if you are looking in terms of over time investments. So i would say stick with it. The market changes and so will your payouts
Miss Mike 4 days ago
Folks, you are forgetting that the signing by Pres. Biden against the Keystone XL pipeline brings down multiple bank loans all crashing down among Canadian banks and service industries on both countries and across the world with domino effects. It will continue to proceed for several months not just those specific dates but continually rolling over so expect this to be a one time event. It will continue.
Miss Mike 4 days ago
It will NOT be a one time event.
Stalker shram 3 days ago
A few variables appear to have set off the most recent bitcoin auction: the loosening up of influence, particularly in Asia; worries that less purchasers are coming into the market; and vulnerability about arrangements on digital forms of money from recently introduced President Joe Biden's organization, as per investigators and dealers.
Syed Sajid Shah 2 days ago
Data Reveals Bitcoin Market ‘Tinderbox’ Caused Sudden $100 Billion Price Sell-Off
Billy BambroughContributor
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Bitcoin has had a roller coaster of a week, climbing to almost $60,000 over the weekend before plummeting on Monday.

The bitcoin price fell as low as $44,850 per bitcoin on the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange, down 20% from its peak, before somewhat rebounding on the news Jack Dorsey’s payments company Square SQ has upped its bitcoin holdings.

Traders and analysts have been scrambling to explain bitcoin’s sudden price downturn, with data revealing a record liquidation of highly-leveraged bitcoin futures contracts ignited a “tinderbox,” causing panic to spread through the market.
Thomas 7 hours ago
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antonio acilio 4 hours ago
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