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EnglishWhich new crypto coin will likely go up by more than 100 the next month?

KonstantinosKostoulas 1 week ago

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ALLAN DONG 1 week ago
onur 1 week ago
chiliz, doge
millions 1 week ago
I think Doge coin will be !
Mira 1 week ago
Binance Coin (BNB)
Clara 1 week ago
(bnb)... yes
Clara 1 week ago
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
king 1 week ago
lama 1 week ago
coins polygon and holo, they have already gone up by 35% and 22% respectively some people say that it will crash down but I think it will increase its value.

you can also try tron it is sure to give you profit
TipTop Shoppers 1 week ago
i think ethereum, possibly doge
Sasi 1 week ago
MJP72 1 week ago
Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin.
Constantine 1 week ago
I think Bitcoin
patrick brown 1 week ago
Read this article very interesting
Tyler McNish 1 week ago
ETH, BTC, LTC. others that won't go up by 100 right away but are great value and will be worth a lot in long run: DOT, ATOM, THETA, LINK and possibly NANO
mehmet 1 week ago
lite coin (ltc)
dee 1 week ago
SafeMoon or FRM
Daniel Elizondo 1 week ago
Look for %100 gains in ADA Cardano one all time highs are past it will go to the moon
Daniel Elizondo 1 week ago
Look for %100 gains in ADA Cardano one all time highs are past it will go to the moon
Shane 1 week ago
tron will go up
Shane 1 week ago
and bitcoincash maybe
VYSHNAV S 1 week ago
Vaskor 1 week ago
Dogecoin or Bitcoin
Ashok 1 week ago
doge coin
Bitcoin and etherum these two crypto coin will go up by more than 100 in the next month
Aykut Celik 1 week ago
NEO not financial advice
The Flying Ferret 1 week ago
Dogecoin, Suscoin, Eutherum, and Muskcoin.
neo.smasher70 1 week ago
bitcoin is the fastest growing online income nowadays
Armie Valencia 1 week ago
Armie Valencia 1 week ago
Doge coin and xrp
Nazım 1 week ago
BTT or doge coin
Poorva 1 week ago
Ethereum will definitely scale 100x times
Rick James 1 week ago
Etherium 2.0. Its an improvement on the already popular Etherium (The second largext crypto).
Kashi Ram Rana 6 days ago
i think ethereum
Ali Crypto 6 days ago
SXP IOTA CAKE bnb 1inch
Anesu Chinyoka 6 days ago
Dogecoin because of the high publicity
nav mav 6 days ago
Dogecoin / Ethereum
Arptata 6 days ago
Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Solana (SOL), DOGE, NANO, DEGO.
Parvez143 5 days ago
I think bitcoin
Sepani Bogahawatta 5 days ago
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin round out the top 5 cryptos.
Oltion Kotorri 5 days ago
doge and ethereum
Gagan Narayan 5 days ago
BTC for sure.
matthiasb 5 days ago
Ethereum and Doge
wahidjumaizah 5 days ago
eth, doge, and xrp
Olayiwola Oluwafemi 3 days ago
Shiva inu and Akita
Amk 3 days ago
Mehmet Sezgin 3 days ago
Kesinlikle Dodge COİN artacak
elie 3 days ago
i think in my opinion the nano and pi are doing a great impression and i think they will progress
dante 3 days ago
Bitcoin > Ethereum
Ebrahim Sheibani 3 days ago
ADA is good crypto
malik 3 days ago
binance coin will
Deen 3 days ago
Abishu Kurkie 3 days ago
Andrea Watkins 3 days ago
Ethereum and Dogecoin are the most likely to be the next big gainers such as Bitcoin.
dark3vil6 3 days ago
Ethereum 50%
Dotun 3 days ago
Doge coin
BoT 3 days ago
doge for sure
Mbstech 3 days ago
this is dogecoin
ARAF ahmed 3 days ago read this article it will help you to get perfect cryptocurrency.
ARAF ahmed 3 days ago read this article it will help you to get perfect cryptocurrency.
ARAF ahmed 3 days ago read this article it will help you to get perfect cryptocurrency.
kush 3 days ago
doge coin
Matteo 3 days ago
Binance Coin
Matteo 3 days ago
Binance Coin
Venkatesh R 2 days ago
Dogecoin or BTC
Abdi 2 days ago
bitcoin cash
NFB 2 days ago
josh 2 days ago
josh 2 days ago
Kunal Salve 2 days ago
Holo chain (Hot) coin pump 100 next month holo chain is great project
Max Miller 2 days ago
None of them, not reasonable at all.
f 1 day ago
MRAD 1 day ago
Ethereum! 100%
Ajay Singh 1 day ago
Dogecoin 100% sure
Mpro 1 day ago
Dogecoin / ETH / BCH
Chandresh Viramgama 1 day ago
Dogecoin and Ethereum
Bogdan Aciobanitii 18 hours ago
There are couple of them, and depends on what exchange market you are on.
For Binance I would suggest FIRO. As of today has increased 63%!
On I would suggest ISP and MTN which both of them already pass 200%!!!!
Caras Iulian 17 hours ago
the most profitable coin that will go 100X in a month it is doge coin
vanessa 11 hours ago
Conheça abaixo as 5 criptomoedas que mais se valorizaram em 2021 até o momento:
Dogecoin, com valorização anual acumulada de 6.459%
BitTorrent, com 2.685% de alta em 2021.
Solana, com alta acumulada de 1.749% no ano.
Binance Coin, com valorização anual acumulada de 1.169%
VeChain, com 1.111% de alta em 2021.
Christian Ruiz 6 hours ago
Estuve analizando una gran parte de ellas. Tengo dos favoritas: MATIC y DOGE. Ambos me parecen proyectos sólidos que cuentan con una gran acogida por parte de la gente. Otro también a destacar es MIOTA.