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EnglishLooking for a new GEM multiplier on Binance Smart Chain

On my previous post a user suggested me $CHAR when it only had 200 holders. Seems to have done alright now with over 3.500 holders and price increase with coingecko/coinmarketcap listing so I rewarded him. Looking similar fundamentals. Stealth launch / or about to start. Twitter Profile of the project. Website of the project. Market Cap must be less than 1 Million.

sailormoon 1 week ago
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king 1 week ago
Aykut Celik 1 week ago
I guess you are looking for altcoin suggestion options. ONT- HODL HODL HODL not financial advice
Aykut Celik 1 week ago
Clara 1 week ago
By staking BNB, they process transactions and confirm new blocks. In return for their service, they earn transaction fees that stem ...
Mira 1 week ago
Well, Binance Smart Chain is here to change that, a new blockchain with a full- fledged environment for developing ..
Nazım 1 week ago
These days, there is another surge after the sharp drop in the market. According to my last observation, there are several cryptocurrencies currently in decline, I think you can choose these two in altcoins. You can get a very good profit from these two coins. BTT LAMB.
jozen26 6 days ago
Faizul Islam 5 days ago
Oh it could be scam
Matthew Zon 4 days ago
A few of the newer Alts I'm invested in are
Holo (HOT)
I think all of those coins will 10x this summer of not more :) always looking for new coins as well !! hELp me HelP y0u
Lawrence 4 days ago
A bep20 token *Lightning*
Chikondi Chiomba 3 days ago
Godfrey Joseph 3 days ago
Abishu Kurkie 3 days ago
Şahmail 2 days ago
leslie 1 day ago