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EnglishWhich song is heard in the background here?

KonstantinosKostoulas 2 weeks ago

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Hulk 2 weeks ago
Christ brown
tony 1 week ago
It not Chris brown
OvernightMillionaires 2 weeks ago
Hi its one direction.
dee 2 weeks ago
It sounds like the Mariners.
Yuvaraj 2 weeks ago
I think its a guitar music played for that secne
Xp10yt 2 weeks ago
The movie, from Greece circa 1967, is called "Patera Katse Fronima" or "Father, Behave Yourself!"

According to IMDB, Giorgos Katsaros was the musical director.

Unfortunately I could not find a full soundtrack online.

I did however find the Full Movie Online. You can watch it here.

The scene in question starts about the 39:41

Unfortunately... I Don't read Greek and I don't believe it lists the music in the opening or closing credits, but you can check, maybe it was a language barrier for me.

I was able to find a number of YouTube uploads related to the movie,

The Mariners - Mister Shake (Opening Scene - Father, Behave Yourself! 1967)

The Mariners - Mister Shake (Original Vinyl)

The Mariners - Mister Shake (Original Vinyl)

The Mariners - Mister shake


As I looked at more video's it seems that Giorgos Zabetas might be the originator or at least involved in the production of that song. You can check out a list of all his music on his Wiki Page.

Some examples.

Patera Katse Fronima · Giorgos Zabetas (Original 1967)

19 Patera Katse fronima Nikos Giorgou Rewind (Tribute)

To Anthropaki · Eleni Roda (Original 1973)

Malista Kirie · Giorgos Zabetas (Original 1973)

Aliti · Vicky Mosholiou (Original 1971)

Stalia Stalia · Marinella | (Original 1968)

Great page which goes through his music over the decades.

Sorry, I couldn't pinpoint the song, but hope this helps.

Adams Saah 2 weeks ago
Giorgos Zampetas

Vukosi 2 weeks ago
George Zambetas
Kira 2 weeks ago
The music is The next time - Cliff Richard
smith20 2 weeks ago
you love you baby
Jamie Perry 1 week ago
I THINK MAYBE chris brown
Ifeoluwa Micheal 1 week ago
It's purely a rock song by Christ brown
Tim 1 week ago
Giorgos Zampetas
Gublu 1 week ago
In background playing a instruments song,like guitar or acoustic
Harshit Gautam 1 week ago
I think its is the guitar tune played for this scene individually.
γιαννης 1 week ago
Το αρθωπακι Ελένη ρωδα
mikel lapi 1 week ago
The Mariners - Mister Shake
iliko76 1 week ago
George Zambetas (Instrumental)
logfas 1 week ago
The movie is called "Patera Katse Fronima"
Jalaludin bin hsbollah 1 week ago
Stalia Stalia · Marinella | (Original 1968)
John Downes 1 week ago The answer is in this mix!
Maureen Michael 1 week ago
I think, It a guitar 🎸.
Halil 5 days ago
Patera katse fronima