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EnglishDogecoin has flipped Litecoin on mining profitability and in Market Cap. What are some unforseen consequences that were not predicted when merged mining was commenced?

Merged mining refers to the use of the work done for one blockchain (i.e., parent blockchain this case Litecoin) on other smaller child blockchains (Dogecoin), using Auxiliary Proof of Work (AuxPoW).

PANAGOT 1 week ago
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David 2 days ago
Dogecoin's square rewards have for quite some time been viewed as a little something extra of consolidation mining on Litecoin. In any case, with DOGE's new value rally dominating LTC, that may presently don't be the situation.

Information from Bitinfocharts shows that the image coin's mining income per one gigahashes second (GH/s) of registering power in one day is at $25, which has ten-collapsed since early April and is in accordance with DOGE's value hop over the previous month. During a similar period, the mining income of one GH/s on LTC has just developed from $5 to right now around $8.

The blockchains of both Dogecoin and Litecoin run on the confirmation of-work agreement system utilizing the Scrypt calculation.

Hence, an application explicit coordinated circuit (ASIC) digger that is intended to mine LTC can likewise mine DOGE all the while with a similar hash rate if the mining pools they interface with help LTC and DOGE combine mining. Right now, the hash rate on both blockchains are around 350 terahashes each second.

In reality, notable information shows the absolute processing power getting the Dogecoin network goes inseparably with that on Litecoin on account of major LTC mining pools, for example, F2Pool,, Viabtc and Antpool all supporting union mining. Yet, since the cost of DOGE had generally been exchanging great underneath $0.005 since mid 2018, it was viewed as ostensibly a LTC mining side-effect.

In general, the new value rallies of both DOGE and LTC have additionally resuscitated the business sectors for Litecoin ASIC excavators. Over the previous week, Chinese mining affiliates have begun effectively posting offers and asks on WeChat again for old LTC mining gear, for example, the AntMiner L3+, which was dispatched in July 2017.

Those old models have to a great extent remained unbeneficial after Litecoin's past dividing in August 2019 when LTC was changing hands beneath $100 and have not gotten imperceptibly productive until last December when LTC hopped back above $120.

As of composing, the image coin is the fourth biggest digital money by market capitalization with $78 billion after BTC, ETH and BNB while LTC is the tenth biggest with $22 billion, as per CoinGecko.
Nicki Minaj 1 day ago
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Jakub 1 day ago
Dogecoin's block rewards have long been regarded as a bonus of merge mining on Litecoin. But with DOGE's recent price rally overshadowing LTC, that may no longer be the case.
John Smith 10 hours ago
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