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EnglishCan you find me Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T530 - Tablet 10.1" 16GB at 200 euros or less ?

I've found it at 229 euros. <br /> <br /> Product details:<br /> <br /> Galaxy Tab 4<br /> SM-T530<br /> Tablet PC<br /> 10.1" TFT WXGA 1280 x 800<br /> <br /> Looking for shipping within the EU.<br /> <br /> Thank you.

Bitfortip 4 years ago
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Willie Steyn 4 years ago
yes you can check out link Below
Bitfortip 4 years ago
Hi, Thanks for the link but this item is used. Usati:
derekreinhard 4 years ago
Nice item. I found a few options:

155 euro (UK seller refurbished, Buy it Now):

175 Euro (Spain, Used):
Bitfortip 4 years ago
Hi, Thanks for the effort.
First link refurbished item location is actually from Florida. Hmm the second is used. I would prefer a new one to be honest.
derekreinhard 4 years ago
Yeah, tough searching. Looks like you found the best. There are "Used-Like New" here for 229euro includes shipping
Bitfortip 4 years ago
Seems like it. If nothing changes within two days. I will mark yours as correct, for the effort as you were the closest.
Anwari 4 years ago
No, the price is much more than 200 euros. but it can be found second hands at where you can find many Samsung galaxy tabs cheaper than this.
Acheg 4 years ago
You can visit this site that compares all the prices
Gabriel Aguirre 4 years ago
Which one are you looking I found one on Amazon and I got the galaxy note 4 which is really good and its comes with the spen so you can draw on it and do digital artwork as well
Manuel Martimucci 4 years ago
Here is it:
ayush96nair 4 years ago
Get IT On!!100% real items only!!
bubbsandbubbs3 4 years ago
Barnes and Noble currently has it on sale for around 175 euro, but they don't have free shipping to Europe. It should still be a good price though w/ the shipping fee.
Bitfortip 4 years ago
They don't ship this particular item outside the US.
Naphegyi Cristian 4 years ago
In deep web are some stores like that (with tor you can acces that)

Urace 4 years ago
lgeoinc 4 years ago
that is immpossible!
crysisd3n 4 years ago

yes you check out link Blow ?
Yannouz 4 years ago Correct

$160.00 or 140 euros!!