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EnglishWant is better OnePlus X OR Motorola Moto X

Both Smartphones are in same range , and specifications are nearly comparable but i am finding a dilemma in choosing one of them.<br /> please help me out and try to give a brief explanation.

Vishwa Ratna 4 years ago

Maerco 4 years ago Correct
Moto x is directly supported by Google

Anyway one plus 2 has a very productive team releasing frequent update

I will chose chinese phone
Vishwa Ratna 4 years ago
thank you, i am likely to buy oneplus 2.
Gitonga Aveen 4 years ago
I would go for motorola X play one because of the absence of the home button and also because it's supported my google better than oneplus2
sina 4 years ago
one plus 2
AlbSploit 4 years ago
OnePlus 2. I have it. It's a cool phone
Hung Thanh Chu 4 years ago
I think Moto X is better than One Plus 2, i ussally use moto from a long time ago, it's very good .
Anwari 4 years ago
Motorola X Play is better than OnePlus2, because it has more apps and customer easy functions.
babul20787 4 years ago
i would go with moto x as it supposed to be enable with update softwares & latest version as also you have to take in your mind about the performance of Moto company mobiles which has give spectecular performance in recent years
Cody Jones 4 years ago
Motorola X play is the one to go with