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EnglishFind me a specific Margaret Thatcher link while speaking on parliament?

There is this YouTube click from the movie the Iron Lady Saw a comment there stating: <<Actually, this scene is based on a real event. You can watch the real video of her saying this in parliament on Youtube. ....and she is wearing a hat.>> Everyone is asking for the link. If you can find it, you will earn the reward. Thank you

Zeus 1 week ago
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nazanin 1 week ago
Kyle 1 week ago
Kevin lopez 1 week ago
sel88 1 week ago
sel88 1 week ago
sel88 1 week ago
but you must know she does not use hats indoors like in the movie
justinparke 1 week ago
Can't find anything with her wearing a hat indoors and speaking in parliament.
Sefa 1 week ago
LeRone James Moore 1 week ago
taekook 1 week ago
EscalonaDeLosAngelesAngie 1 week ago
Marshal Tjay 1 week ago
Nuno Dionísio 1 week ago
You can watch it at
Nuno Dionísio 1 week ago
realwork 1 week ago
Dudu Nur Kalay 1 week ago
JUn 6 days ago
David King 5 days ago
linnbenton 4 days ago
hüseyin 4 days ago
Leina 3 days ago
Bharath T 3 days ago
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tonestone 2 days ago
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