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EnglishLooking to understand the DEFI Pickle Finance flash loan attack

Decentralised finance flash loan attacks seems to be occurring frequently. Etherscan tx id: What steps did he do and managed to withdraw 20 million from the users? How he started it ? ( Did he use a wallet? Wrote a function?) What did it cost him ? (Initial capital to begin the attack) What vulnerabilities did he saw and where? Thanks

Missalikh 3 days ago
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CryptoHelp 3 days ago
Hi. This will answer all your questions
mervis04 1 day ago
Hola amigo espero que los ayudes mi comentario y que puedes lograr conseguir mas informasion . Los peligros de las finanzas descentralizadas son el centro de atención una vez más después del último gran robo a un proyecto de DeFi. A qui puedes hallar mas comentarios :
Krismondi 1 day ago
In nano everything has been ok, right